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Entre nous, I don't think I am going to renew my IFP membership in 2010 (but I would be fine with donating some $s for Filmmaker Mag blog)

UPDATE 12/14, 12:25 PM: Looks like, according to IFP, I joined as a member in April '09. I moved in June (from one part of Brooklyn to another) and IFP had my old address (all other mail has been forwarded - I think - perhaps magazines do not automatically get forwarded - will have to check into that (that could be a reason why I did not get the Filmmaker issues). But, more importantly, I am getting my John Sayles DVD! IFP said they will send me one to my new address (also I updated my address with IFP, so I should get IFP mail from now on) - most excellent.

Working on getting a membership # & card at the moment - the # is required to access some parts of the IFP site, and the card is required for events.


UPDATE 12/14, 11:32 PM: Received a list of helpful links from Danielle DiGiacomo (IFP Community Manager) - will be useful to have all those links in one place (i'll post those in comments [some require being signed in to Facebook, IFP, etc., so I just left a link to the latest IFP newsletter - an easy to follow & useful link]) - info. re: IFP programs & benefits to members. Also, I think I have too many Facebook groups, thus, the news from the IFP Facebook group may get lost underneath the pile of new daily updates. Also found some recent IFP press releases in my spam folder, made updates so that IFP e-mails will not get sent there. I think 50% - 51% of the responsibility for making good use of the IFP membership rests with me - the customer/member, so I will have to come up with some ways of organizing the amount of indie film related news I receive from various avenues (e-mails, blogs, Facebook, etc.) daily & also may have to set aside a regular time once a week or so to explore IFP events, news, benefits, etc. And Scott Macaulay e-mailed & said that Filmmaker Mag publishes 4 times a year, also got my address so that they can do all they can to make sure I get my 4 issues. So, all in all, very good thus far, quick responses from IFP to a somewhat unhappy member's post.


Original Post:

This is only a soft criticism post (i think the proper french term for this is entre nous - between us/confidentially, etc. - correct me if i am wrong someone who knows french well), since I know - a little bit - people who work for IFP & I would like to see the organization succeed. With that disclaimer aside (this is definitely not a "destroy IFP" post):

- I am pretty sure my 1 year membership to IFP has not run out yet, but may soon (i recall paying $100 to IFP at some point w/ in the last 8 - 12 months & IFP confirming the payment), so let's review what I may have received over the last year for my $100 payment:

- I got a chance to support a useful indie film organization - so that's cool

- I did not receive the John Sayles DVD that I was supposed to get when I ordered Filmmaker Magazine at some point in the near past (i think i paid for a Filmmaker Mag subscription separately, & then paid for an IFP membership)

- I only received 1 issue of Filmmaker Mag during the past year (i think they publish 4 times a year? maybe 2 times a year? i am not sure)

- I live in NYC but I have not heard about any events or functions or whatever that I could use my IFP membership for
[12/14 clarification: now that I think about it, i have heard recently of some IFP events, however, they were not of interest to me, that's probably why i did not recall them when i wrote this post last night]

- I don't recall getting any regular e-mails from IFP re: in what ways, if any, I can use my IFP membership to interact with IFP, it's programs & services, or re: any other matters for that matter

[granted, part of this may be my fault, perhaps i need to spend more time at the ifp site & figure out what exactly is useful to me from stuff ifp has to offer their members]

(i do recall getting some press release e-mails from Michelle Byrd, however, thanks for those Ms. Byrd)

- What exactly does IFP do? I know they produce the Gotham Awards - that's cool - I know a filmmaker who has received one. And I've visited IFP's website & tried to figure out if anything that they do is useful to me (indie filmmaker, NYC based, making features for under $10K, self-distributing) but I do not recall getting excited about anything I've seen there

- Also, I did complain to IFP once about not getting Filmmaker Mag issues in the mail, then the 1 & only issue I received came, then silence for several months, so I am posting my complaints here


- I do read Filmmaker Magazine's blog everyday, and it's editor Scott Macaulay responds to comments I leave at the blog & also to any e-mails I send him - so that's very cool - so in my experience, the only aspect of IFP that cares about me as a customer/member/fan is Scott


- So do I really need to spend $100 in 2010 for an IFP membership? Looking at my past experience with IFP I do not think so.


I would be cool with donating some $s (maybe $25?) to Filmmaker Mag blog for 2010. Since I'd like to have that blog around next year to read, get updates on filmmaking related things, etc.


$100 over 12 months/1 year is not a lot of money, I would have been totally cool with renewing my membership if I could see some benefits from that expense, but at present I cannot see much (besides feeling good about donating some $s to IFP & supporting Filmmaker Mag blog).

So, that's my little complaint about the IFP membership/my "recliner of rage" :) post (see below for a "Recliner of Rage" segment), back to regular sunny & upbeat programming soon.

- Sujewa


The Sujewa said…
Link to IFP's latest newsletter:

Useful to members I think. Link sent in (along with links to IFP Facebook page, etc.) by IFP's Community Manager Danielle DiGiacomo. Thanks Danielle.

- Sujewa

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