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Is this from a different part of the indie film future? Quad Cinema's Four Wall plan looks pretty sweet

Of course I do not know what Quad Cinema charges for their four wall services, but the entire menu is available: screenings in a NYC theater, access to publicists (for a fee), a DVD sales option, an online streaming option, & possibly getting "a shot" at screening at other theaters nation wide. Sounds like (or at least a very good starting point for) an ideal option for DIY filmmakers/self-distributors (who have or can raise the necessary money) who do not want to go through several layers of indie film/film biz/scene gate keepers (who have historically been a small group with narrow tastes, thus not accessible to most indie filmmakers in America) in order to get their film out to the public using pretty much all of the commercial methods available at present. More info. at the Quad's site.


Now, on to a vastly different, very slightly related, subject; a different part of the future:

Re: the different part of the future segment on the subject line - that's a reference to a thing that I am looking into - that the past, present, and the future (and various levels of the three states) exist simultaneously on Earth when it comes to human/civilizational/national development. Also, there are post-historical societies/nations (ones where residents & citizens have near total freedom - compared to their ancestors - if they want to exercises that freedom - re: how to live, think & feel) and historical societies (nations that are still traveling or still have to travel past a set of developmental markers before their residents & citizens have something like complete freedom as individuals - so, countries that are on top of the great pyramid (like the all seeing eye on the dollar bill) vs. countries that are on one of the sides of the pyramid - heading to the top or the bottom at any given decade. So, in a post-historical society/nation such as the US, some may have access to different levels of "the future" - or, some people may be able to envision, create early versions of, use & implement new things (objects or ways of doing things) that may become the general norm in the nation, nations, & world in a few days, months, or years.

Related idea:

I think there is a limit to the future or there may be a point beyond which new & drastic changes do not occur in a society/nation/civilization & the changes that do occur are only minor advancements. On the bright side (of sorts) there's probably several hundred years of development left to happen in the US before we hit that plateau, & perhaps a little longer for many countries world wide (Haiti, for example). Either way, we (many people in many developed/industrialized, democratic, capitalist countries) are living in the future - or, the world that may exist in another thousand years in the US should be very recognizable to us (except maybe with a lot more space ships, some aliens, etc. - basically more Star Trek like :), just as certain past eras & aspects of the ancient Egyptians & ancient Romans seem recognizable to us. So is human development linear or cyclical or is it a combination of both? The ancient Egyptians and Romans have elements in their societies that are similar to ours/that of the US, but they seem to have lacked the universal individual rights & freedoms component - a very important one that developed out of the Enlightenment ideas coming into conflict with colonialism & slavery. Hmmm, this (thinking & writing about this subject) can go on forever, best to leave this stuff to sci-fi writers, historians, & peeps who are into predicting the future FT :)

And, one last thing, not very important I guess - time travel is definitely possible.



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