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Which NYC bookstore had the best customer service this week?

Inspired by my policy (started oh about a year ago i think) of not reviewing films by other indie filmmakers (since i may have to work w/ them in the future & thus a negative review would get in the way of our working relationship) I won't go into details about what I did not like about the customer service experiences I had at 2 out of the 3 NYC bookstores that I visited this week for various purposes - mostly work related. But, perhaps a little bit of information - one bookstore is on the west side (should west side be in caps? probably) - an independent bookstore - pretty good service. The second bookstore has "miles and miles" of books - another independent bookstore - again, pretty good service - better this week than the last time I was there - about two weeks ago. But, the winner - for best customer service that I experienced - out of the 3 NYC bookstores that I visited this week (so far) goes to Borders near Penn Station. Had a very upbeat & enthusiastic sales associate help me look for several DVDs at that Borders, & then locate one at another Borders, & then the cashiers were very helpful re: clarifying some sale prices that ended up saving me money, and all with no attitude - everyone I dealt with was very nice. So, unfortunately the indie bookstores did not do as well as the corporate giant Borders did - this week, when it came to my customer service experience - but there is always next week, & lots more NYC bookstores to check out (& there will be plenty of chances for the other 2 stores to get their "score" up - at least with this customer, since i like indie bookstores i will be visiting them again & again). Anyway, good job Borders Penn Plaza!

- Sujewa




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