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28 Days in May project

Mark Lipsky's got a new indie film blog

Bottle Girls

Interesting article in New York magazine about a somewhat new type of entertainment/club industry worker (of which at least one played a prominent role in the recent Tiger Woods "scandal"). From New York mag:

"Her job was born out of the culture of bottle service. The concept of paying for a whole bottle of alcohol and sitting at a table originated in Europe and grew a tail in the States in the early nineties, at New York clubs Life and Chaos. But it didn’t stick until 2001, when bottle service became the new way of gaining entry into a world that had previously not been for sale. You no longer had to be an Andy Warhol descendant to party at a place like Bungalow 8; you could be Joe Banker or Joe Banker’s son with his father’s credit card. And the staffers changed, too. Cocktail waitresses evolved from out-of-work actresses into Penthouse Pet–level creatures who sparred with their co-workers for client gratuities by expanding their breadth of service. Their take-home p…

Tully & Rizov call for a panel discussion on elimination of panel discussions

Actually, they haven't, but Mike Tully & Vadim Rizov's ridiculous call for the end of panel discussions regarding changes in the indie film world is both highly amusing (& inspired the false title of this post) & relatively useless/against new & possibly positive developments in indie film. I think I've only been to one indie film related panel discussion (actually, make that two, there was that one at Apple Store SoHo on Mumblecore/Gen DIY back in '07 I think, and wait, make that three - there was that one at a NY film school, actually, make that four - I took part in one at Atlanta Film Fest last year), and, from what I could tell, people there (both the panelists & the audience) enjoyed the event & some learned new things from it (so they said). I think, panel discussions & The Conversation & related gatherings that deal with indie film related matters are, like film festivals, a great opportunity for the community & or individual…

Sri Lanka celebrates first New Year after civil war

The guns & the suicide bombers have been silent for about a year now, so, this New Year's in Sri Lanka (celebrated on 4/14, more on that tradition here) is a very special one - compared to the 20+/30 or so ones that preceded it.

Happy New Year to everyone in Sri Lanka & in the Sri Lankan diaspora world wide!

Here's a little bit from what looks like a SL TV news report re: the New Year's celebrations (for those who do not understand Sinhala, the images & sounds/music may be interesting):

Baseball, aliens, & the 1940's - great X-Files episode The Unnatural

Yeah, people who watch an hour of a movie should not get a refund

Daily Kos article about Wikileaks released combat video from Iraq

UPDATE: I am no expert, but it does look like some of the people in the group are carrying weapons. Very unfortunate that the journalists got shot & killed, either way.


Here's the intro to the article:

"Today, the intrepid folks at Wikileaks released shocking footage of US soldiers murdering 12 innocent, unarmed Iraqis, including two employees of Reuters. Two children were also brutally maimed by the attack. While the incident occurred in the summer of 2007, the military covered up the incident and stymied Freedom of Information requests until the video was recently leaked by whistleblowers."

Read the rest of the article & see video at Daily Kos.

Also check out MSNBC's article about the same video - a diferent slant on the story that pulls in quotes from military sources.

Live streaming from cell phones using Qik

!Spring Time! - 2010 - Back to making & releasing movies...