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SLOW ROMANCE movie (2020) color test video

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Isaach De Bankole said the story in The Limits of Control is not symbolic

UN report on the end of the civil war in Sri Lanka

Perhaps the logic behind Limits of Control will be revealed in the doc about making of the movie

Doc on Jim Jarmusch screening on Fri 4/29 (tmrrw) in NYC

What's up with all the Elvis Mitchell hate?

a statue of a diy filmmaker is up in new york

Short film "Koothu" - street theater & leprosy in a village in Sri Lanka

Of course artists (for the most part) have always worked other jobs

Driving without batteries & other stories from Sri Lanka - the short film Kerosene

Koothu, paper and Kerosene trailer

Daily News article on Ed Burns, "Newlyweds", & Tribeca film fest

Khoobi page

James Spooner interview re: vegan tattooing

Saw "Blank City"

They said they were shooting a show called Prime Suspect

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