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Maybe we'll work this blog for another year :: Some interesting articles re: the energy debate by Al Maiorino

I get the feeling that 2012 will be a good year for DIY film.  So perhaps time to fire up this blog again.  Lots of updates will be happening starting around 2/15 (in the middle of a move, so a little busy at the moment).  Few new things going up until then.


In perhaps an unrelated thread, but related to the overall survival & success of the planet, have read some interesting articles by Al Maiorino - re: energy, & the debate surrounding energy.  Check these out:

 "Al Maiorino started Public Strategy Group, Inc. in 1996. He has developed and managed multiple corporate public affairs campaigns in a variety of industries such as gaming, cable television, retail development, auto racing, power plant/wind farm projects, and housing/residential projects. Al received his BA in political science and a MA in American Studies from the University of Connecticut."


Sustainable Project Managers Must ‘Know the Enemy’

By Al Maiorino
So it is said that if you know your enemies and know yourself, you can win a hundred battles without a single loss… If you know neither yourself nor your enemy, you will always endanger yourself. -- Sun Tzu, The Art of War Most of us are familiar with a more common version of this ancient saying- ...
December 8, 2011

Local Support May Be the Key to Success

By Al Maiorino
When looking to gain public support for your renewable energy project, developing a grassroots campaign may be your best strategy. Many people seem to have a vague understanding of what a grassroots campaign is but very few know what exactly it entails. The most basic definition describes a grassroots campaign as one that takes place on ...
October 5, 2011

Renewable Energy on the Radio

By Al Maiorino
Educating the public is important for any project, and even more so for industries people know little about. To garner support, the community has to understand what you do, what you propose and how you plan to carry it out. Renewable energy is more susceptible to suspicion than other industries because it is young, progressive and promotes ...
August 30, 2011

Small Country that Became a Big Leader

By Al Maiorino
For the last 200 years, the United States has been considered the engine of the world’s progress. While traveling the world I’ve noticed that each continent has its own character - Europe is history and culture, Africa is nature and wildlife, and North America is technology and progress. It made me wonder: If the international community ...
August 1, 2011

Busting Renewable Energy Myths

By Al Maiorino
Discovery Channel has a rather curious show called Myth Busters. The show evaluates various myths -- from MacGyver tricks to the Apollo 11 Moon landing -- by staging them in a controlled setting. You may wonder why this may be relevant to renewable energy. The truth is, this entertainment show has more things in common with ...
June 22, 2011

Social Media in the Renewable Energy World

By Al Maiorino
A New Goal for the Renewable Energy Industry: Educating the Public In a world full of excess- from energy consumption to environmental pollution- it is only natural that companies explore alternative sources of energy. It appears that most people outside of the energy industry view renewable energy as the panacea to saving the world. Yet in ...
May 19, 2011

Origins and Explanations of Antagonism toward Wind Farms

By Al Maiorino
An industry that is often affected by local opposition in the United States is that of wind energy development. But why? It seems odd that businesses that attempt to bring clean energy and preserve the environment are frequently faced with disapproval from local communities. We talk about the necessary changes in our lifestyles in order to ...

More HERE.

To contact Al Maiorino at Public Strategy Group, go here or use the info below:

Al Maiorino
Public Strategy Group, Inc.
236 Huntington Avenue
Suite 404
Boston, MA 02115
Company Line: (617) 859-3006
Company Fax: (888) 719-6924
Contact us for other locations.


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Also  Alfonse Maiorino


- S


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