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On becoming a real estate agent in New York City - Part 1

I am not certain exactly what gave me the idea to pursue a career in real estate in New York City, but there I was a couple of months ago, sitting in a class at a real estate school.  In New York one must take 75 hours of classes in order to practice as a real estate agent (agent is a commonly used term, but, for the record, the official job title is Licensed Real Estate Salesperson).  The 75 hour classes are followed by a class exam, which is followed by a state exam.  I found the class to be very interesting (and dull at times, but overall very interesting) as it was a window into a specialized world, and it demystified certain ideas I had regarding finances and real estate.  I passed the class exam relatively easily.  I also passed the state exam on my first attempt.  I've met more than a couple of agents who bragged about having to take the exam over three times before passing.

To begin my career I passed on a relatively large, mostly Brooklyn based firm that I planned on work…

i guess it's prometheus weekend