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Werewolf Ninja Philosopher at Vimeo VOD

New links for Farzad Rostami Marketing Project

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Breakthrough Weekend - a title design and promo art #1

Pre-production has begun on Breakthrough Weekend

So after spending many months - around 1 year - getting the script ready, my dream & Jungian psychology inspired comic NYC detective film Breakthrough Weekend has entered the pre-production phase.  Getting everything ready to start filming around 10/15.  Go here & "Like" the Fb page for the film, & get regular updates on the project there.
Jennifer Blakemore - plays a main character in Breakthrough Weekend
Photo Copyright 2012 Sujewa Ekanayake/Wild Diner Films NYC

New blogs for projects by NYC artist Katheryn McGaffigan:

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Blog 8

Blog 10 (no blog 9, numbered wrong)

Blog for new movie Breakthrough Weekend is up

A quick review of Rick Schmidt's Tears of Bankers

Recently I did some work on promoting and representing a movie - Tears of Bankers, the latest (25th!) by Rick "Feature Filmmaking at Used Card Prices/Extreme DV" Schmidt.  Though I have been a big fan of Rick's writing & film work over the years, and we are working together on some future projects, I think I can still offer a useful reaction to the movie as an audience member.  Here are my thoughts about Tears of Bankers as I watched it at Anthology Film Archives on Tuesday night as a part of the NewFilmmakers series, just as an audience member, with all of my other hats off.

1.  The structure that Rick uses - blending characters addressing the camera directly and telling stories about their lives with the regular action of the movie/the regular unfolding of the plot - is an acquired taste.  Rick does it pretty well, though it is difficult on some segments to see what the relevance of the direct-to-camera story is to the sequence from the movie that immediately foll…