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The Land of Spirits - a documentary about Shor culture - now in production...

From the film's website:

Influenced by Werner Herzog’s films I have become engrossed into the topic of endangered cultures. According to UNESCO, every day dies a last representative of a small nation on Earth and with it a language disappears. In my visual story I want to capture the way of living and daily routine of a scarce people living in the south of the Kemerovskaya region, Russia. This place is known to the local Shor people as Gornaya Shoriya (translated as: Mountainous Shoria). Currently the population is estimated to be 12,888 but it is hard to find even a few hundred people whom can either speak this language (mixed from Mongolian and Turkish) or live in this traditional society. However, deep in taiga, in the upper reaches of the river Mras-Su, there are some villages still preserved in the old ways; where people speak their own language and live in the culture of their ancestors. That's where our crew plans to go. In the remote village are no roads, no electricity and only one street with no name. Only five families live there and to get there is a narrow path clenched between the mountain cliff and the river. Elderly locals every time overcome eight kilometers of unsafe taiga to get to the nearest store. 

Go here for more.

Contact the filmmaker here re: this project.

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