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Awesome new photo book NEW YORK CITY & BREAKTHROUGH WEEKEND - check out the most excellent digital preview below!

I created this 8 x 10, 74 pages, Limited Edition (it won't be made or sold after 1/1/14) photo book to raise funds for post-production & distribution expenses for my new film Breakthrough Weekend.  This book will be a reward in the upcoming crowdfunding campaign for the movie, & it can also be purchased at Blurb.  All profit from the sales go towards BW post & distro expenses.  I have big plans for the movie, & it'll take some money (my goal is to raise $30K at least) to do it right (a well made film - color, sound, etc top notch, festival submissions, getting the film ready for VOD, setting up DVD sales, doing at least a 1 week run of the film in NYC, festival play (hopefully, & lots of it :), release in all available platforms, then market, market, market & distribute the film for 1 whole year, entire 12 months after the first official public screening, to get a lot of people in America & the world to hear about the movie, to buy the movie, to watch the movie, & hopefully it will be a positive experience for all involved.  Those are some of my ambitious BW distribution plans, in broad strokes for now.  Anyway, more on that later, on to the photo book preview (use the full screen feature, amazing):

Hope you enjoy the book.  Perhaps owning a print copy of it would be a fun, meaningful, & enjoyable thing for you, along with contributing to my BW post & distro fundraising campaign.  Print books are pricey (but awesome, specially great photo & art books), and, in this case, it is not really a market thing, rather I am trying to raise a certain amount & the photo book is a token of my appreciation.  A softcover book for a $60 donation, hardcover with dust jacket for $88, & hardcover with ImageWrap for $96.  And if all that is way too much for you, no worries, at some point tomorrow I will launch a crowdfunding campaign that will have great rewards for anything from a $1 donation & going way, way up, way beyond the photo book reward levels :)

Should be a fun adventure.  I am just glad that I got the photo book done & that I am very happy w/ it & many others seem to enjoy it also (there are some minor things to fix, which I'll take care of by AM).

More tomorrow!

And, if you want to go check out some great photos (hopefully), no matter what you plan on doing or not doing re: my upcoming fundraising/crowdfunding project, feel free to go check out the photo book here.  I had a great time making it & the movie that gave rise to the book & of course living in the city - NYC - that gave rise to both, so I want to share some of that joy with as many people as possible, keep that positive energy going :)  The photos are here - enjoy.

- Sujewa


IndieGoGo - Breakthrough Weekend



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