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Werewolf Ninja Philosopher at Vimeo VOD

Breakthrough Weekend screening in DC on 9/24, at a Positive Force benefit

Charity: Water video

Check out George's Restaurant blog & sites for great food & delivery in Sunset Park, Brooklyn review of Breakthrough Weekend

Breakthrough Weekend opens 6/12 Thu at Breakthrough Festival NYC at Anthology Film Archives

Where We Started NYC Theatrical Premiere Run 6/12-18 Event Page on Facebook

Breakthrough Festival NYC Event Page on Facebook

NYC film screenings, June 2014

Palo Alto review - New York Times

Idea review - New York Times

Breakthrough Weekend review by Rick Schmidt

Apparently Indiewire's Sam Adams hates indie film distribution

Breakthrough Weekend review at 24/7 Cinema blog

Upcoming NYC indie film events - Where We Started 6/10, Breakthrough Weekend 6/12-18, Where We Started 6/12-18, Breakthrough Festival NYC 6/12-18

Hanging w/ Jim Jarmusch at Only Lovers premiere :: Trailer

Last chance to join Team Little Fishes, help a great new film heading to Cannes & NYC!

The latest on Alexia Anastasio's projects, including new film Little Fishes

Breakthrough Festival NYC blog updated - some film info, venue info, etc

All of the official pages, sites, blogs for Breakthrough Festival NYC - An Independent Film Festival, June 2014

Support this awesome NYC art film institution - Anthology Film Archives

Little Fishes trailer 2 - funny, NSFW, has a Midnight In Paris aspect

Lunchbox reviewed by Kenneth Turan in LA Times

A Woman Making Indie Movies - An Interview With Alexia Anastasio

Breakthrough Weekend will screen June 12-18 at Anthology Film Archives in NYC - early notice

US Senators Introduce Resolution in Support of Sri Lanka's Domestic Reconciliation Process

Link to official website for new documentary The Brainwashing of My Dad

A good letter about stopping the unjust US & UN threats against Sri Lanka :: Petition for the White House

some places i've screened my films

On the set, love scenes, interviews, inspiration & a lot of other great links about new film Little Fishes

Check out Little Fishes - an art film inspired by D.H. Lawrence on IndieGoGo

NYC Indie Film Group 1 had meeting #1 on Saturday 2/8/14 night in midtown

How True/False Film Festival Just Became The Coolest Indie Film Festival In America!

A Brooklyn Fitness Blog

Sundance 2014 is happening :: Breakthrough Weekend blog updated

Great interview with Haile Gerima at Shadow & Act

Coming Spring 2014 - Breakthrough Weekend

Similar to 'Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee', except it's film bloggers in apartments talking about film blogging

All of the following methods of raising money for your indie art film biz are fine: self-financing, using money/pay from other work, crowdfunding, investors, grants, donations, making movies for $0, using profit from your film biz to make more movies, selling merchandise related to films...

A new phase in indie film, a new set of related & significant activities, perhaps a new 'movement' - coming soon...

Trailer for the most recent Chantal Ackerman film 'Almayer's Folly'

Check out Sue Gardner's excellent blog