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World Arts Film Festival in Jacksonville, Florida Oct 15 - 17

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America is not yet an equal society

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Summer 2015 film project

Wie Sie Ihre Gruppe Identität ändern


Как изменить групповую идентичность

Cómo cambiar su identidad de grupo

आपका समूह की पहचान कैसे बदलें

Comment changer votre identité de groupe

How to Change Your Group Identity

Cannes 2014 - PULP FICTION : Red carpet

How To Turn Styrofoam Into Solid Aluminum

Ned Rifle by Hal Hartley coming soon to Vimeo VOD

Columbite Tantalite: a short film by Chiwetel Ejiofor

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Shocking! Hilarious! Mark Duplass Shares Indie Film Career Development SECRETS In This One Hour Long Video!

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Great video - Watchtower of Turkey

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Amir Motlagh media explosion

Check out Angelo Breathes Again project at IndieGoGo

Welcome to the easiest time period in the history of the world to be an artist. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc are all art making mediums.

The Unstoppable Ed Burns