Monday, January 18, 2016

About the whole #oscarssowhite part 2, 2016 thing

1 - Hollywood or the mainstream American film industry has always been racist because, well, it's the film industry of a historically racist country.  And, unlike many other industries in the US, for some reason, Hollywood has not yet been legally forced to integrate.  As such, non-white talent being
shut out of Oscars is to be expected.

2 - Instead of there being 1 Hollywood in a massive, rich, diverse country like the US, there should be multiple Hollywoods.  Sure, the old Hollywood is racist, but nothing is stopping people from organizing a new Hollywood or Hollywoods where diverse talent is used in front of & behind the camera.  All it takes is money, the desire to make & distribute movies, & the desire to create movies that reflect the country's diversity.  Make it happen interested people.

3 - Without diversity, & without true competition, the quality of work & the state of the art form suffers.  Why is most Hollywood entertainment bad?  Perhaps it has to do with many Hollywood projects not dealing with the diverse world that we live in and or constantly looking back to an all-white or mostly white or white dominated past.  Also, when all non-white actors and filmmaking talent are removed from a competition, is it really a competition?  The awards become even more meaningless than usual when entire groups of people are shut out of them.  An Oscar for being the best white actor is not as good as an Oscar for being the best American actor - from a true, inclusive, diverse pool of talent that reflects the diverse nature of the country.

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