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HOUSE OF LITTLE DEATHS trailer and VOD link, intro to prolific underground director and critic Scout Tafoya - links, Patreon, and more!

First, let's get the more fun of the 2 Do items out of the way - the trailer!

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Alright, down to the details :) - Who is Scout Tafoya?  Until a few hours ago I did not know that he made movies.  But he said he released 6 features in the last year/recently.  That's some hyper productivity (even in this digi-camcorder-blogging-24/7-work-age).  I did run into Scout briefly at a party for Matt Zoller Seitz's puppet sci-fi movie Space Rabbit last year - but I did not know Scout made movies.  Alright, the official intro to Scout as a filmmaker & critic, from Roger Ebert site -

"Scout Tafoya is a blogger and filmmaker living in Doylestown, PA. He writes for and edits the arts blog Apocalypse Now and directs both feature length and short films, many of which are free to watch at His list of peculiar achievements include teaching a class on the cultural importance of zombie movies while in high school, lecturing on Dystopian sci-fi at Villanova, shooting an eighty minute feature in only eight shots and calling it Tron Wayne Gacy on a dare, and making the world's first all-improv horror film about Quakers. Scout is in pre-production on a sci-fi homage to "My Own Private Idaho."

Scout Tafoya, photo from

Very interesting. Here are some of Scout's other films (we are now Twitter friends, so I am referring to him using his first name in this blog post, hope everyone is cool w/ that :) ).


Your Silent Face - Two women hit the road after a traumatic event locks them together forever.
On Amazon Prime 


Eyam from Scout Tafoya on Vimeo.


The Kill Play from Scout Tafoya on Vimeo.


Enjoy Your Trip To Hell from Scout Tafoya on Vimeo.


And Scout has a Patreon - check it out and support him here - help him get more done this year, get into his inner circle of fans, receive special rewards.

I'll probably do an interview with Scout in the near future.  So we can find out all about the various projects he has done (I think there's a bunch of film essays, criticism, and other projects on his resume), and is into now.  For now, it is cool to know that he is staying busy making a lot of art/indie/DIY/underground movies and writing about film.


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