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Date Number One screening # 8 coming up on June 24 Sat 7 PM in Kensington, MD

We did Date Number One screenings # 1 & 2 in DC on 5/13 Sat, & then we did screenings # 3 - # 7 in Seattle 5/19 Fri - 21 Sun. Now screening #8 has been set up for Sat June 24 7 PM at the Kensington Row Bookshop, a Capital City Microcinema event. I expect to have retail DVDs ready for sale by that date. Lots of web pages to update, lots of e-mail to return, some packaging design stuff to do, some quote pulling to do, some phone calls to make, and lots of screeners need to be sent out to various venues & festivals. Rocking & rolling w/ Date Number One self-distro adventures over here. It is a most awesome (sometimes tiring, but awesome) experience. Making it happen is fun & satisfying.

Review number 2 should be coming up this weekend or so from Jerry in LA, of Hollywood Is Talking blog fame. So far reviews/audience feedback have been generally excellent. Very happy about that. Will post the link to Jerry's review here as soon as I see it up on the web.

- Sujewa


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