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Films by independent filmmaker Jon Jost now available to buy

To see a list of Jost's films & info on them go here . Contact Jost at to buy films.  There is also a Sales page on Jost's site with additional information about buying films. Read about Jost at Wikipedia .  He has created 33  feature length films thus far. And here is Jost's blog . - S :: :: IndieGoGo - Breakthrough Weekend ::

Positive Human blog is back in action

Need some ideas & motivation to improve your life & the world?  Check out my Positive Human blog. You might find some good stuff there.   Blog is back in action again, new posts coming daily. - Sujewa :: :: IndieGoGo - Breakthrough Weekend ::

The Maryland New Wave

Todd Rohal's '06 feature The Guatamalan Handshake + Michael Tully's '06 feature Cocaine Angel + Sujewa Ekanayake's '06 feature Date Number One = The Maryland New Wave 'cause when was the last time such 3, at the very least very interesting, high quality indie features came out of Maryland at the same time/in the same year? I do not recall. I do not think it's ever happened. All 3 films are being received well by some very important peeps in the indie film scene: audiences & or bloggers/reviewers & or film fest programmers . If we are the MD New Wave (on the fiction features front), who is the old(er) wave? I guess John Waters & Barry Levinson. Two rocking local or local rooted filmmaking gentlemen. Love that Diner & the entire highly entertaining career of John Waters. Dig it cinema studies people & bloggers (& film fest programmers & art/indie venue programmers, distributors, reviewers, cool audience members), dig it,

All my films (or at least info about them) in one place - Films by Sujewa Ekanayake blog under construction

It will be a simple but informative site - a blog with 1 entry each for each of my 7 movies thus far.  Check out the blog here - under construction at present, but already with some videos & links.  Soon - hopefully w/ in the next couple of weeks - I expect to have all videos, photos & or links to related items re: each of the films on that blog. Check it out here: - S :: :: IndieGoGo - Breakthrough Weekend :: ADVERTISEMENT - Farzad Rostami 20 :: - Farzad Rostami 19 :: - Farzad Rostami 18 :: - Farzad Rostami 17 :: - Farzad Rostami 16 :: - Farzad Rostami 15 :: - Farzad Rostami 14 :: http://farzadrostami13.blogspo

EPIC period of d.i.y. feature filmmaking productivity ahead...

i've got a lot of blogs & blog posts, but not enough feature films completed & released, so... inspired by some lessons i've learned from blogging since 2004, got a new plan to get more d.i.y. indie features done & out! starting w/ Breakthrough Weekend ASAP (fine cut should be done in april) i'll be able to get a whole lot of new features done & out, already shot movies completed & released, & older movies released (or re-made, & released w/ the original movies as bonus material). let's see how this plan gets carried out.  should be awesome! - S :: :: IndieGoGo - Breakthrough Weekend ::

The Land of Spirits - a documentary about Shor culture - now in production...

From the film's website : Influenced by Werner Herzog’s films I have become engrossed into the topic of endangered cultures. According to UNESCO, every day dies a last representative of a small nation on Earth and with it a language disappears. In my visual story I want to capture the way of living and daily routine of a scarce people living in the south of the Kemerovskaya region, Russia. This place is known to the local Shor people as Gornaya Shoriya (translated as: Mountainous Shoria). Currently the population is estimated to be 12,888 but it is hard to find even a few hundred people whom can either speak this language (mixed from Mongolian and Turkish) or live in this traditional society. However, deep in taiga, in the upper reaches of the river Mras-Su, there are some villages still preserved in the old ways; where people speak their own language and live in the culture of their ancestors. That's where our crew plans to go. In the remote village are no roads, no electric

Breakthrough Weekend teaser trailer

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Interview with the stars of The Secret Society For SLOW ROMANCE - 9.7.20

Filmmaker Brandon David Wilson interview - On Covid19, Sepulveda movie, the future, growing up in LA

The Amazing Dan Mirvish! - Making indie movies, from Hollywood - an inspiring discussion