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This is a movie review but it's an unusual review (probably) because I am going to just ramble on and on about the movie & related things for a while. Anyway, Cold Weather, made by director Aaron Katz & team was a good time at the movies. I saw it about a week or so ago at the IFC Center in NYC. Now, I was just very glad to get a couple of free hours & hang out at a movie theater (isolated from phone calls, e-mails, the never ending essential/do today 2 Do list, etc.) because life in NYC is pretty insanely busy (i call it New York Speed - which is like at least 4x faster than the pace of things in other parts of the country) so I wasn't taking a sharp critical eye to the movie but I was watching it with another filmmaker, & the discussion afterwards brought out some aspects of the movie that I did not think about earlier because I was too busy enjoying the movie - and those critical aspects will also be mentioned - later (maybe, if i feel like it when i get th


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