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* SUNSET PARK AT NIGHT from Sujewa Ekanayake on Vimeo .

Village Voice BREAKTHROUGH WEEKEND Review Link

In 2014 when I screened the then current version of my feature Breakthrough Weekend in NYC Village Voice reviewed it. For the most part a positive review. Ignore the first paragraph about image quality, perhaps the reviewer received a bad DVD screener, the image and sound quality of the movie is excellent. People will be able to see for themselves in late July of this year when I release the movie on VOD. Also the story about the German couple mentioned in the review may not be in the final version of the movie because we were not able to film a part of that story. Otherwise, great review :) From the review - "...Breakthrough Weekend has audacity and poker-faced wit on its side; its wayward pacing and peculiar rhythms recall early Jim Jarmusch, though it has a New York–centric spirit all its own." More - "It’s all pretty weird, and yet not as weird as it sounds. Ekanayake’s deadpan approach makes every event seem comically reasonable, especially for New York, a


Shot this recently as a test project for establishing some solid possibilities for my new feature film Werewolf Ninja Philosopher's look, music, cinematography approach, mood and more.  Check it out: SUNSET PARK AT NIGHT from Sujewa Ekanayake on Vimeo .

HOUSE OF LITTLE DEATHS trailer and VOD link, intro to prolific underground director and critic Scout Tafoya - links, Patreon, and more!

First, let's get the more fun of the 2 Do items out of the way - the trailer! * * * Alright, down to the details :) - Who is Scout Tafoya?  Until a few hours ago I did not know that he made movies.  But he said he released 6 features in the last year/recently.  That's some hyper productivity (even in this digi-camcorder-blogging-24/7-work-age).  I did run into Scout briefly at a party for Matt Zoller Seitz's puppet sci-fi movie Space Rabbit last year - but I did not know Scout made movies.  Alright, the official intro to Scout as a filmmaker & critic, from Roger Ebert site - "Scout Tafoya is a blogger and filmmaker living in Doylestown, PA. He writes for and edits the arts blog Apocalypse Now and directs both feature length and short films, many of which are free to watch at . His list of peculiar achievements include teaching a class on the cultural importance of zombie movies while in high school, lecturing on Dystopian sci-fi

LE LIVRE D IMAGE - Cannes 2018 - Press Conference - EV

* Press Conference - LE LIVRE D IMAGE de Jean-Luc GODARD

Are Film Festivals the Future of Cinema? A Conversation with Locarno Festival Artistic Director Carlo Chatrian

Are Film Festivals the Future of Cinema? A Conversation with Locarno Festival Artistic Director Carlo Chatrian from Acropolis Cinema on Vimeo . From the Vimeo page - "As the commercial distribution of art cinema from around the world continues to drastically shrink—not only in the U.S., but everywhere—the main question for audiences and lovers of this cinema is a simple one: How can we see it? Movies don’t exist without an audience, and a movie is never really a movie until it’s presented on the big screen. This is where the film festival steps in. Festivals are where art cinema thrives, where artists and audiences can meet. Is this the future of cinema, and how can festivals make this future exciting and sustainable? In the above video, filmed on April 7, 2018, Locarno Festival Artistic Director Carlo Chatrian sits down with Locarno in Los Angeles co-artistic director Robert Koehler to discuss what makes Locarno one of the world's great and most adventurous film festiva

Art as film, the screen is the filmmaker's canvas (making for the screen determines if a work is a film/movie or an internet video project)

Art as Film In the past people took Hollywood and other film and re-categorized it as art.  That is a valid way to go - as underneath the epic financial and business structure needed for Hollywood filmmaking and distribution, there is a lot of creativity in the actual movies.  The opposite can also be done.  An art project that ends up creating a work that resembles, in some ways, a Hollywood or other film, is also valid.  Art as film.  The main difference being that an art project does not need to be made according to Hollywood rules or independent filmmaking rules.  It can use work methods inspired by paintings (one creator typically), or experimental film (non-narrative, one creator typically) or art film (one or more creators, work is made for creative expression purposes primarily).  The art work can be made for $0 or $1 million or more - whatever money the artist has available or whatever money the art project/the film requires.  Once the work is completed it can be distributed

BOOM FOR REAL is a great doc about Jean-Michel Basquiat, and about a community of artists and friendship - contains a lot of love

Charlie Ahearn (Wild Style), Sara Driver (Boom For Real), Jessica Green (Maysles programmer) * BOOM FOR REAL 5/2/18 Sneak Preview screening at Maysles Cinema, NYC - event notes I had not watched a movie at Maysles Cinema before so I was excited to go see Sara Driver's new documentary BOOM FOR REAL , about artist Jean-Michel Basquiat, on Wednesday 5/2/18 night.  I was glad that I got there early - the event sold out.  Maysles Cinema is a small venue but when I sat down I was very impressed with the size of the screen.  I am showing my new movie Werewolf Ninja Philosopher at Maysles 10/25-31 of this year, so it was nice to see that I would be screening at a great venue.  All of the seats got filled, and the Maysles staff had to break out some folding chairs for the overflow crowd, and then the event started. Maysles programmer Jessica Green gave a great introduction to the show. Here are some thoughts I had about the movie: I had seen a couple of docume

Interview with the stars of The Secret Society For SLOW ROMANCE - 9.7.20

Filmmaker Brandon David Wilson interview - On Covid19, Sepulveda movie, the future, growing up in LA

The Amazing Dan Mirvish! - Making indie movies, from Hollywood - an inspiring discussion