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The latest on Alexia Anastasio's projects, including new film Little Fishes

First, Little Fishes Kickstarter is down to it's final week/7 days of campaigning for finishing & release funding (to get to her most important & useful stretch goal of $8K, she needs to raise about $5K-$6K more).   Go check it out now & see if you want to become a part of that excellent indie art film project. Next, here's the latest on Alexia's projects, from a recent press release: Filmmaker Alexia Anastasio completes work on new film Little Fishes, crowdfunds for release, participates in a film finance panel discussion, and talks about her work in new interview Filmmaker Alexia Anastasio has completed major work on her new film Little Fishes. Little Fishes is a romantic drama about the relationship between two women. The film was inspired by the writings of D.H. Lawrence. The film will be submitted to film festivals in the coming days. Anastasio will attempt to screen the film at the Cannes Film Festival and Market in France later this yea

Breakthrough Festival NYC blog updated - some film info, venue info, etc

Check out the recent post at Breakthrough Festival NYC blog here . Posters!  Links! All final info about the festival coming on 3/31! ::

All of the official pages, sites, blogs for Breakthrough Festival NYC - An Independent Film Festival, June 2014

I will keep a running list here.  New links will be added as they become alive.   Official festival website coming on 3/31. - Sujewa BREAKTHROUGH FESTIVAL LINKS 1 - Breakthrough Festival Blogger Blog - 2 - Breakthrough Festival Facebook page (for Likes) 3 - Breakthrough Festival Facebook Group page More coming soon... ::

Support this awesome NYC art film institution - Anthology Film Archives

Every city needs a place like this.  A NYC original.  A rare, excellent thing.  Check out how you can support Anthology Film Archives here .   - Sujewa

Little Fishes trailer 2 - funny, NSFW, has a Midnight In Paris aspect

Little Fishes Trailer 2 from Alexia Anastasio on Vimeo . * For more on the film, go here, check out & support the project, join this exciting cinematic journey:

Lunchbox reviewed by Kenneth Turan in LA Times

Check out the review here .  Sounds like an interesting movie. - Sujewa ::

A Woman Making Indie Movies - An Interview With Alexia Anastasio

By Sujewa Ekanayake   Filmmaker Alexia Anastasio While gender should not be an issue when it comes to making movies, unfortunately, at this point in time, women have a relatively more difficult time launching and sustaining their filmmaking careers (see here , here , here , also here ).  No doubt this situation will be corrected in the future and most likely that will happen with the help of the next wave of female filmmakers - as they figure out what works for each of them, what doesn't, and how to improve the overall situation. Alexia Anastasio is a female independent filmmaker who has made several films and is nearing completion on her new film Little Fishes . I spoke with her recently about her past projects, the current project, and future challenges. Sujewa - Alexia, thanks for taking the time out for this interview. Let's jump in to the subject that I mentioned at top, why do you think, at this point in time, it appears to be more difficult for female indepen

Interview with the stars of The Secret Society For SLOW ROMANCE - 9.7.20

Filmmaker Brandon David Wilson interview - On Covid19, Sepulveda movie, the future, growing up in LA

The Amazing Dan Mirvish! - Making indie movies, from Hollywood - an inspiring discussion