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Where We Started NYC Theatrical Premiere Run 6/12-18 Event Page on Facebook

Check out the event page & show your support for this NYC theatrical release of an excellent new indie film. -

Breakthrough Festival NYC Event Page on Facebook

Check out the event page & join it if you are going to be in NYC 6/12-18 & or if you want to show your support for an awesome indie film screening event -

NYC film screenings, June 2014

Get info on:  Where We Started NewFilmmakers NY screening  - June 10,  Breakthrough Weekend theatrical premiere  June 12,  Where We Started NYC theatrical premiere  June 12, Breakthrough Festival NYC (featuring Breakthrough Weekend, Where We Started, Matha, Mille Soya, Resurrection of Serious Rogers, Little Fishes, and shorts) - June 12-18 . All screenings at Anthology Film Archives, 32 Second Ave, NY, NY 10003 Contact: All info at this link -

Palo Alto review - New York Times

Check out The New York Times review of Palo Alto here . - S

Idea review - New York Times

Check out The New York Times review of Ida here. - S

Breakthrough Weekend review by Rick Schmidt

BREAKTHROUGH WEEKEND a film by Sujewa Ekanayake. Reviewed by Rick Schmidt   When my Feature Filmmaking at Used-Car Prices book first came out, I ended the Preface by saying, "In an age where motion pictures are being called the major new art form of the twentieth century, I think it is important that many more of these "features" are created outside the Hollywood system, by artists who have something to say with an original and personal point of view." Well, with his new feature, Breakthrough Weekend ( 80 minutes, Color, ©2014 ) , writer/director Sujewa Ekanayake has done just that. Very rarely do I get to see a movie this unique, with a fresh new approach, that can't be readily compared to much else. And because it is an original , filmmaker Ekanayake having invented his own brand of storytelling and interplay of characters, it will demand more from an audience than, say, a Spiderman, X-Men or Scorsese film (sorry Martin, but your movies are 'c

Apparently Indiewire's Sam Adams hates indie film distribution

That or he has a very poor understanding that small distributors, foreign distributors, art distributors, and individual filmmakers have always carried out small/relatively low budget distribution projects - including self-distributed projects - and that this type of activity is what created the independent film movement and practice and also what sustains it, and that in NYC, it is an awesome thing that New York Times reviews every movie that plays in the city for a week or more (very useful thing for small distributors who might get a good review, also very useful for audiences in discovering new voices).  Read the sad article and ask yourself why someone who hates indie film distribution and indie films getting reviewed by the Times is writing for Indiewire (I believe that 'indie' in Indiewire stands for independent film, not certain though :) - - Sujewa ::

Breakthrough Weekend review at 24/7 Cinema blog

Check out the review at 24/7 Cinema blog .

Upcoming NYC indie film events - Where We Started 6/10, Breakthrough Weekend 6/12-18, Where We Started 6/12-18, Breakthrough Festival NYC 6/12-18

It's going to be a very busy indie film screening late spring for me. Here's info on NYC indie film screenings - a US theatrical premiere/1 week run (Breakthrough Weekend), a NYC theatrical premiere/1 week run ( Where We Started ), a new film festival (featuring US & NYC theatrical premieres of additional movies, Breakthrough Festival NYC) - that I am producing & also one that I am promoting (WWS 6/10). :: Where We Started A film by Chris Hansen NewFilmmakers New York Screening at Anthology Film Archives 6/10, 9 PM More info about screening here - And more info about the film here - Note:  Where We Started is now playing in LA - 5/2 - 5/8 at Arena Cinema Hollywood LA Weekly review of Where We Started here . :: Where We Started NYC Theatrical Premiere June 12-18, daily For more info, go here at Anthology Film Archives as a part of Breakthrough Festival NYC more info h

Interview with the stars of The Secret Society For SLOW ROMANCE - 9.7.20

Filmmaker Brandon David Wilson interview - On Covid19, Sepulveda movie, the future, growing up in LA

The Amazing Dan Mirvish! - Making indie movies, from Hollywood - an inspiring discussion