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Check out the review here - From the review by Angelo Bell:  " Breakthrough Weekend tells the story of philosophical detective,  Sal , who has a roster of clients with special needs. Sal takes on a new protege,  Yevgeny , for this particular weekend and proceeds to introduce him to the crazy whacky world that has made Sal's "particular set of skills" of great value. Yevgeny has been perpetually depressed and detached from life for much of his adult life, despite writing a successful novel, and finds himself lost, confused and the perfect candidate for Sal's rare form of sociological and metaphysical motivation. As the two private dicks bond over a literally insane weekend, Yevgeny finds solace in knowing that he's not as fucked up as he thought, and Sal continues -- business as usual -- helping a slew of New York nutjobs get their lives back on track by overc

Breakthrough Weekend opens 6/12 Thu at Breakthrough Festival NYC at Anthology Film Archives

Get all the info plus a link to a great review of the film here .

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