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Let's end 2008 with a Jon Moritsugu interview

It's an old interview but I still find it entertaining & inspiring - so, what better way to end a great year - completed the final version of Date Number One, shot & completed Indie Film Blogger Road Trip, moved to New York City, still young, healthy, good looking & modest - anyway, in celebration of personal DIY film related achievements of '08 & the increase in general DIY film activity, interest in same, blogging related to filmmaking, etc. by others in 2008 - let's check out this Moritsugu (see Bio after the excerpts below) interview from CrownDozen . From the intro: "Without question, you know when you're watching a Jon Moritsugu film. Honestly, how many filmmakers, or bands for that matter, can you name who are so distinguishable that you can recognize them after just a few seconds of exposure to their work? Both in distinctiveness of style and independence of vision Jon Moritsugu is as close as I've come to seeing a John Waters in my ge

Footage of people in Gaza getting killed by Israeli bombing

Well, since most people won't forget having their land taken from them AND since most people are not comfortable having rockets fired at them, the war between the Israelis & the Palestinians are probably going to be eternal unless a UN sanctioned peace keeping force goes in to the area and keeps the two people from killing each other - little children, old women, all manner of inncocent people - on both sides - included. The other option is do nothing & one side will kill every member of the other side - most likely, eventually (or, there is the very slim chance of peace breaking out in that area, very slim). Here is some footage of the latest wave of killing:

Netflix tells me I'm gonna watch Rhythm Thief & Quiet City next week

So, like I said earlier, I received a Netflix subscription for X-mas, & two of the flicks I selected for watching are on their way. One is Quiet City, which is super famous & everyone knows about (looking forward to seeing it), but the other is an older indie flick called Rhythm Thief - which I've read about but never seen. From this review of Thief : "The New York of Rhythm Thief is a small world, indeed. The lead-footed rhythm of the story that I had disparaged in the past helps to create this hermetically sealed atmosphere, a gutter-level view of New York that equals the outlook of the characters. They are trapped by the web of the city, unable to crane their necks up to garner a better look at the world’s greatest metropolis. Instead of Nora Ephron’s fairy tales or Spike Lee’s street-corner racial divides, director Harrison depicts a New York of egalitarian decay, an equal-opportunity dead-end street. It is a city of sagging bodegas, ancient club date flyers

My Effortless Brilliance trailer

This looks funny & entertaining (& great title), I think I'll check it out soon:

For all you John Cassavettes & Fugazi fans

Some's Kerouacs, some's Ferlinghettis :: Writing tips from Kerouac

Some artists I know are like Jack Kerouac - creative but heavily dependent on other people to get their work made & out, and also have a healthy self-destructive streak in them. Others, specially a lot of DIY indie filmmakers - are like Lawrence Ferlinghetti - a peer of Kerouac - but a much more stable type of artist who not only creates but also organizes (helps others create), and engages in business (Ferlinghetti opened San Francisco's now famous City Lights Bookstore & published works by fellow artists such as Allen Ginsberg). Both kinds of artists are cool, but the Ferlinghetti kind probably lead longer, happier, more productive lives (to some those are important things). The practicality of their two lives aside, I am a huge fan of Kerouac's On The Road & several other works (The Scripture of the Golden Eternity, Desolation Angel, etc.) - fun & useful things to read when thinking about writing a script or anything else for that matter - 'cause at h

I guess I can ask the same thing about independent filmmakers

While I was searching the web for a new term to identify the fact that a lot of people in America loudly take pride in being outsiders - certain presidents, certain super famous Hollywood film directors , etc. - even though they are very much the so called establishment or the ultimate insiders at a certain moment in time or in a certain field of activity - I ran across an article called Quilt-Makers: Exotic Outsiders or Mainstream Artists ? From the article: "Shortly before his death in the Marquesas Islands the painter Gauguin considered returning to France. His agent Monfreid advised against such a move; the success of Gauguin's paintings depended, Monfreid suggested, on his reputation as a wild man, an exile from civilization. In the ninety-odd years since then the art world hasn't lost its yearning for the exotic, for art that seems to originate in a place, condition of life, or state of mind or consciousness not directly accessible to the art consumer. Sometimes

Possibly useful post on pricing DIY DVDs

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Saw Woody Allen's Stardust Memories last night - liked it

Since Princeton Holt (director of new NYC DIY flick Cookies & Cream ) is a big fan of the movie & since it was available for watching over the web from Netflix I checked out Woody Allen's movie Stardust Memories last night. Liked it, & liked some scenes a lot. A very unusual & interesting movie from a mainstream (or at least widely known) American director. Here's a clip from the movie that I found on YouTube: :: ADVERTISEMENT - Farzad Rostami 20 :: - Farzad Rostami 19 :: - Farzad Rostami 18 :: - Farzad Rostami 17 :: - Farzad Rostami 16 :: - Farzad Rostami 15 :: - Farzad Rostami 14 :: -

Interview with the stars of The Secret Society For SLOW ROMANCE - 9.7.20

Filmmaker Brandon David Wilson interview - On Covid19, Sepulveda movie, the future, growing up in LA

The Amazing Dan Mirvish! - Making indie movies, from Hollywood - an inspiring discussion