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Brooklyn Microbudget Features project Nov 2019 - Dec 2020

Let's make some movies!  From Nov 2019 until end of Dec 2020 I am going to try to make several movies - under the project name Brooklyn Microbudget Features.  Basically no budget/ultra low budget/DIY movies.  #1 in the series is Werewolf Ninja Philosopher .  #2 will be SLOW ROMANCE - now in production, expected to be completed at the end of Nov 2019.  Should be interesting.  More info, clips, stills, trailers as things get done. - Sujewa

Interview with the stars of The Secret Society For SLOW ROMANCE - 9.7.20

Filmmaker Brandon David Wilson interview - On Covid19, Sepulveda movie, the future, growing up in LA

The Amazing Dan Mirvish! - Making indie movies, from Hollywood - an inspiring discussion