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TV is the new art house, and here's a new festival about TV - Split Screens Festival at IFC Center

June 2-8, at the IFC Center,  at Sixth Avenue & West 3rd Street in Greenwich Village . About the festival: " Split Screens celebrates the art and craft of TV. Reflecting a moment when television has never been more innovative or accomplished, the festival will showcase the best of our current golden age of scripted shows, with directors, producers, showrunners and cast appearing in person for in-depth discussions about making great TV. Split Screens will also premiere episodes of eagerly anticipated new shows, as well as spotlight the next generation of DIY online creators whose work is pushing the form and content of episodic shows in bold new directions."  More here - Festival coverage coming to this blog all week long. Click below to take a look at the amazing line up of screenings and events:

Amir Motlagh might breakdance when his 2 art films IndieGoGo hits $5K

Check out the madness here :) Details in Updates.

Jon Moritsugu NUMBSKULL REVOLUTION! interview

  Jon Moritsugu screening his films at RAMIKEN CRUCIBLE gallery in NYC in 2016 From About page at Jon Moritsugu's website: Writer/director  JON MORITSUGU  has been making films since 1985. In 1989, Village Voice critic J. Hoberman called Moritsugu’s Brown University thesis short,  DER ELVIS , one of the “Top 50 films of the 80’s.” Since then, his features  MOD FUCK EXPLOSION ,  MY DEGENERATION ,  FAME WHORE ,  SCUMROCK ,  HIPPY PORN  and  PIG DEATH MACHINE  have scorched eyeballs worldwide from Sundance to MOMA to Cannes to the Guggenheim to Berlin to the Whitney to Toronto to name a few. In 1993, James Schamus (former CEO of Focus Features) produced Moritsugu’s television comedy,  TERMINAL USA , which aired nationwide on PBS.   Visit for more on this amazing underground film legend! * Jon Moritsugu's 2012 Grammy nominated video for "no future shock" by TV ON THE RADIO: * Sujewa - Hello Jon, Nice to have y

DIY Filmmaking in 2017 - In the Golden Age

It's a golden age for DIY filmmaking & distribution.  I define DIY filmmaking & distribution as one central artist - the director/producer/writer or the main filmmaker, or a group of artists - making films and making them available to interested audiences - specially feature length films - with or without help from Hollywood, large companies, the traditional film industry (relevant specially when done outside of the industry - or not letting lack of film industry help stop one's desire for making movies.)  It's as tough as ever to make a lot of money from independent filmmaking work, but, it is possible now to make and distribute your work relatively easily - compared to the first decade of the 2000s, the 1990s, the 1980s etc. Now a filmmaker can shoot a film on his or her phone or other easily available high quality image making devices such as DSLRs, camcorders, and then release the movie on Vimeo or YouTube or eventually Amazon, iTunes, perhaps even Netflix, st

Help Make THREE WORLDS and MAN - 2 new films by Amir Motlagh Happen

* This campaign is raising money to finish and release the feature films THREE WORLDS and MAN. Those two films complete a project called THREE MARKS, TOO MANY SIGNALS. Filmmaker Amir Motlagh has created over 15 films to date. Motlagh's films are often fiction and documentary hybrids that examine modern life as lived by characters who are searching for meaning. Individual identity, family, assimilation, the past, creative struggles are some of the themes that Motlagh tackles in his work. THREE WORLDS is a unique, introspective drama that delves into a character's multiple perspectives in different points of space and time.   Time, history and his personal choices change the course of his existence.  THREE WORLDS is a drama using elements from science fiction to reveal a character trying to find his way out of a maze. MAN is a semi-scripted, slice of life story told in a fresh, experience centric style that explores a man’s relationship with friends and family

Unhappy with limited roles being offered, Amir Motlagh started making his own movies - THREE WORLDS and MAN interview

Amir Motlagh, from his film CANYON Filmmaker, actor, musician Amir Motlagh has directed over 15 films to date. Motlagh's films are often fiction and documentary hybrids that examine modern life as lived by creative characters - often Iranian-American artists, played by Motlagh. Individual identity, family, assimilation, the past, creative struggles are some of the themes that Motlagh tackles in his work. We spoke with him as he prepares to finish and release two new features - THREE WORLDS and MAN. The two new features and a visual album called CANYON (featuring music by Amir's band MIRS) make up a project called THREE MARKS, TOO MANY SIGNALS. knock. knock. (2007) from Amir Motlagh on Vimeo . Plain Us (2008) from Amir Motlagh on Vimeo . Khoobi (are you ok) - 2011 from Amir Motlagh on Vimeo . Still Lover (2003) from Amir Motlagh on Vimeo . DIY Filmmaker blog's Sujewa - Hello Amir.  Thanks for talking to DIY Filmmaker blog about your

Interview with the stars of The Secret Society For SLOW ROMANCE - 9.7.20

Filmmaker Brandon David Wilson interview - On Covid19, Sepulveda movie, the future, growing up in LA

The Amazing Dan Mirvish! - Making indie movies, from Hollywood - an inspiring discussion