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A Chicago Film Critic And A Filmmaker Discuss MAN PUSH CART

Nice discussion.  "Ian [Simmons/Kicking the Seat site] welcomes back filmmaker Jer Sklar (TOM OF YOUR LIFE) for a look at Ramin Bahrani's moving slice-of-life story, MAN PUSH CART!" 

How an indie filmmaker self-distributed his movie to hundreds of theaters in the US

Great discussion from Indie Film Hustle -  IFH 390: Making Money with Theatrical Self-Distribution with Steven Lewis Simpson

The Slowdown podcast discusses the Jonas Mekas movie Outtakes From The Life Of A Happy Man


Jean-Luc Godard in conversation with C S Venkiteswaran | 25th IFFK/International Film Festival of Kerala, India


Podcast discussion of Cannes selected "no budget"/self financed excellent Belgian indie film GHOST TROPIC


Richard Linklater and Katie Cokinos with Alex Ferrari (Full Interview) // Indie Film Hustle Show


Wed 4/21, 7 PM Central - FREE (donations encouraged) panel discussion - In Focus: Asian-American Film and its Media Representation, at Facets Chicago

 Get all the info here -

The Secret Society For Slow Romance movie will screen in NYC...

 ...after film festival screenings hopefully this fall and the coming winter.  So I expect to show the movie in NYC perhaps in spring 2022 - maybe in April 2022.  More updates as things get done. New main trailer for the movie coming soon! - Sujewa

Great interview with Ed Burns about his filmmaking career, future projects (including an Ozu inspired movie), at Indie Film Hustle


The concept of Individual Filmmaker Projects - a path to cinematic liberation

This is a new way of making and distributing movies that I am practicing with my new movie The Secret Society For Slow Romance - a comedy that had to be made in a very minimalist way during the pandemic of 2020. What was caused by necessity may actually be an interesting and effective way to make and distribute a movie. I call it the Individual Filmmaker Project method. Basically we bring the entire filmmaking and distribution, marketing, sales operation down to one person - primarily - the filmmaker. So it is similar to an artist making and selling a painting, a writer writing and publishing a book - so on... The method - the filmmaker produces, writes, shoots, edits, directs the movie.  And in my case I also acted in the movie - as one of the two actors.  And the filmmaker submits the movie to festivals, comes up with a distribution strategy - carries it out - working with interested festivals, indie theaters, getting the film on VOD, making and selling Blu-rays, and working with ot

Eric Rohmer's Hidden Racist Past - which most likely lead to him not using diverse casts for his movies

Apparently Eric Rohmer - a celebrated filmmaker in the art house film world - and his racist beliefs have been an open secret for decades.  I only heard about it last night.  See images and links below. Rohmer thought that only Europeans should make movies.  And he did not like multi-ethnic casting in movies.  Avoided casting non-white actors in his movies for decades - thus making his movies racist. There are plenty of other, non-racist, French and other filmmakers we can watch. Avoid Eric Rohmer movies - racism is a dangerous belief system - has lead to the death of millions of people in the past. From - paragraphs 5 and 6 - From a new article by Richard Brody, paragraph 11 - - Sujewa

Where We Started, Waking Life, Zack Snyder's Justice League discussion at March 2021 episode of The Slowdown podcast


New teaser trailer for The Secret Society For Slow Romance movie!

New teaser trailer - The Secret Society For Slow Romance (2021) movie - from 3.6.21 from Sujewa Ekanayake on Vimeo .

Discussion on Seitz's SPACE RABBIT and Godard's ALPHAVILLE - with Matt Zoller Seitz, Sujewa Ekanayake, Ian Simmons

 From The Slowdown podcast at Kicking the Seat

New interview about The Secret Society For Slow Romance, other topics, at ArtApproved! Podcast

Check out the interview here . We discuss the new Vice President Kamala Harris, ties to South Asia.  Also we discuss the making of The Secret Society For Slow Romance in 2020, during the pandemic.  And we discuss several movies from 2020.

Before Midnight discussion at The Slowdown podcast

" Ian and Sujewa conclude their look at Richard Linklater's "BEFORE Trilogy" with a sobering review of BEFORE MIDNIGHT. The 2013 drama finds lovers of happenstance Jesse (Ethan Hawke) and CĂ©line (Julie Delpy) married with children and trying to salvage their rocky relationship in a Grecian paradise."

Happy 2021! - Link - The New Normal #13: Mark Peranson (Cinema Scope / Berlinale)

 Check out the interview by Jordan Cronk here -

Interview with the stars of The Secret Society For SLOW ROMANCE - 9.7.20

Filmmaker Brandon David Wilson interview - On Covid19, Sepulveda movie, the future, growing up in LA

The Amazing Dan Mirvish! - Making indie movies, from Hollywood - an inspiring discussion