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Occupy Wall Street film project links

There's a collaborative film being made about the Occupy Wall Street protests nation wide, get links to the project, & info on how you can help, here : .  Thanks! - S :: :: :: :: :: ADVERTISING New blogs for projects by NYC artist Katheryn McGaffigan:   Blog 1 http://katherynmcgaffigan. Blog 2 http://katherynmcgaffigan2. Blog 3 http://katherynmcgaffigan3. Blog 4 http://katherynmcgaffigan4. Blog 5 http://katherynmcgaffigan5. Blog 6 http://katherynmcgaffigan6. Blog 7 http://katherynmcgaffigan7. Blog 8 http://katherynmcgaffigan8. Blog 10 (no blog 9, numbered wrong) http://katherynmcgaffigan10. Blog 11 http://katherynmcgaffigan11. Blog 12 http://katherynmcgaffigan12. Blog 13 http://katherynmcgaffigan13. Blog

Interview with the stars of The Secret Society For SLOW ROMANCE - 9.7.20

Filmmaker Brandon David Wilson interview - On Covid19, Sepulveda movie, the future, growing up in LA

The Amazing Dan Mirvish! - Making indie movies, from Hollywood - an inspiring discussion