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"Date Number One" World Premiere & We Are Family benefit event, DC, Sat 5/13/06

World Premiere of film "Date Number One"
Saturday May 13, 2006
7 PM & 9 PM
7 PM show is a partial benefit event (50% of tix sales $s) for local social service organization We Are Family (see info on We Are Family at end of this announcement)
812 Seventh Street, NW
Washington, DC 20001
venue info (location, directions, etc.): 202-289-1200
event info:, 202-491-5536
How Much?
Film Description:
"Date Number One" is a comedy about several first dates. This 90 minute movie is made up of 5 different stories: Story 1: Just Another Ninja Searching For Love, about a ninja who goes on a blind date (ninja is played by John Stabb Schroder from the DC punk band G.I.), Story 2: A Romantic Dinner For 3, about a woman attempting to add a third partner to a romantic relationship, Story 3: Washington "City Of Love" DC/Start Over, about a writer who tries to get back together with his ex-girlfriend, Story 4: Air Quotes Woman, about a woman who always uses air quotes, and her search for a new boyfriend, Story 5: The Superdelicious French Lesson, about a first date where a character learns a little bit of French in an unusual way.

"Date Number One" is written, produced, directed, photographed, edited and distributed by Sujewa Ekanayake. Following the World Premiere in DC, "Date Number One" will play in Seattle May 19 - 21 and will continue on to play other US cities until Spring '08.
DVD available in late May from
"Date Number One" Stars:
John Stabb Schroeder, Jennifer Blakemore, Shervin Boloorian, Dele Williams, Steve Lee, Kelly Ham, Christine D. Lee, Fritz Flad, Subodh Samudre, Jewel Greenberg
Writer/Director/Cinematographer/Editor: Sujewa Ekanayake, Sound Recordists: Fritz Flad, Alex Ramsey, Production Assistants: Paula Rylands, Tim Nelson, Matt Wilmott, Frank Miller, Distribution Assistant: Allison Curran
Producers: Sujewa Ekanayake, Stephen Jenner, Tim Nelson

For More Info:
7 PM show is a partial benefit event for local social service organization We Are Family :

Give the gift of your presence to an isolated senior -- and get to know the history of your community at the same time!

Small interfaith nonprofit We Are Family reaches out to the seniors of the North Capitol Street and Shaw neighborhoods. We bring advocacy, services, and companionship into the homes of the elderly, while helping to build friendships across boundaries like race, class, religion, age, culture, and sexual orientation. Most of our work is done by volunteers, coordinated by staff person Mark Andersen who has nearly two decades of serving seniors in the North Capitol and Shaw neighborhoods. While many of those who help do the work of We Are Family are seniors themselves -- who, after all, have built this community -- we need you as well. The possibilities are truly endless. Mark is able to tailor a volunteer task to whatever time or gift you might have, from helping out once a year on holidays, to calling lonely seniors once a week, to making home visits or delivering groceries on Saturday mornings once or twice a month, to pairing up individual volunteers with nearby seniors, and beyond. More than simply a social service agency, We Are Family is an experiment in building empowered, just, caring, and inclusive community -- help us to realize that dream!

For more information on We Are Family, please feel free to contact Mark at 202-638-0072o, 202-487-8698c, or

We Are Family is a project of Northwest Settlement House and the "Faith in Action" program of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.


- Sujewa


good luck my man...have a screening tonight at the VC FF in LA LA land..
The Sujewa said…
Thanks Mr. Amir. Best of luck w/your screening tonight. Post some pics at IF06 if u take any at the event.

- Sujewa
will have some that i took, but i have problems with posting, never works and i just learned how to link, yes, i understand that it is embarrising, but i shall learn, maybe right now, since its 4:30 am and i cant sleep with my new rockstar drink addiction...

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