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Gots to try to get AFI Silver & or Avalon to do an open ended booking of Date Number One

If you are a filmmaker/distributor in Washington, DC area & if you want to have your film play in DC & or Silver Spring, MD for a long period of time (& if you are not too fond of the Landmark theater corporation) then you have two options: The Avalon theater in DC & AFI Silver
theater in Silver Spring, MD. Just as certain people are more appreciated abroad, local filmmakers are more in demand & better appreciated elsewhere than in the DC area (this is probably a universal phenomenon, I heard the same thing from some filmmakers in Seattle). So, getting The Avalon & or AFI Silver to book Date Number One for an open ended run is going to be a difficult task. Nevertheless, this coming week I am going to start my campaign for a booking in those theaters (actually, the campaign has already started). If you want to help & specially if you are in touch w/ the programmers at those theaters, please encourage them to check out Date Number One for an open ended booking. The two programmers will get screener DVDs & press material this coming week. Thanks!

- Sujewa


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