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Hollywood Is Talking Interview w/ "Date Number One" director/distributor

Hollywood Is Talking blog interviewed me about Date Number One & other Sujewa things. Read it in all its glory right here.

Here's one Q & A exchange:

H.I.T: What led you into filmmaking? Say, as opposed to painting or punk rock?

Sujewa: Awareness of mortality: yes, it's true, I may die one day. So, "what awesome challenging (& legal) thing can I do (holding up liquor stores is out, not legal) during my time on earth?" was the Q I asked myself. I had always been creative & a thinker, and had a good sales skillz & entrepreneurial bent (this was when I was taking a look at myself at 18), and Spike Lee was getting well known for his indie filmmaking activities, & I liked the movies in general, and I wanted to have a positive impact on the world, so I decided to become a filmmaker. Indie filmmaking was the most accessible path to that goal. And now DIY filmmaking is the most accessible path, as far as I am concerned, for that goal. So I do that. I also draw, maybe I'll paint one day. I am pretty sure I'll start a indie/punk band one day. Got an accordion that I am itchin' to play.

Read the rest of the interview here.

Thanks Hollywood Is Talking blog!

- Sujewa


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