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LA Times article offers possible major/mainstream venue alternatives to indie chains, theaters

Anthony Kaufman points to this LA Times article about AMC's plan to devote 72 of their theaters (some screens? all the screens?) to indie films (most likely indiewood films). Could be a good thing (it's a small walk from the DIY world to indiewood). The article also provides names of other indie-friendly major/mainstream theater chains.

From me, the ideal venue would be an independent, small theater w/a decent size screen, good sound, good seating (100+ seats) & responsive/non-crazy management. Most cities have a couple of such venues. But if those venues are too busy to show my film then I need some alternatives. The major exhibitors' interest in some indie programming could be useful to filmmakers like myself. Specially when I live in a time & place where the biggest indie chain pulls a movie 5 days before its premiere (Landmark, "I Am A Sex Addict") and there are some small indie theaters that I do not want to deal with due to various questionable practices of theirs or their owners.

I still need to finish my list of cool (as far as I can tell), real indie theaters & post it up here. As soon as I get all the work for the 5/13 Goethe, DC & 5/19-21 NWFF, Seattle screenings done, I'll finish that list. I think now I'll also add a smaller list of mainstream alternatives to the real indie theaters too. Options are good. However, no matter what the mainstream theaters do from time to time, real indie theaters are necessary for the existence of real indie film/foreign film culture & should be overwhelmingly supported, as long as they do not do jerky things.

- Sujewa


Ray Pride said…
A while back, AMC showed EVERGREEN, a 2004 Sundance entrant, exclusively, on a few dozen screens, and at the time it was supposedly an experiment in doing some sort of "select" programming like this. I'm surprised that the LAT piece doesn't explore whether these smaller pics will be digitally projected.
The Sujewa said…
Hey Ray,

Thanks for the info. I think I remember EVERGREEN, was it the Neil Young flick? Regardless, interesting development. The good thing about the LAT article is it points out various indie initiatives taken by the major theater chains. If I have to talk to them about an event or a series of screenings now I know that they have at least a rough idea about indie films & definite interest in making some $s off of them, useful info.

- Sujewa

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