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Screenings went well, "Date Number One" plays well even w/ out music, Chuck T. should have review on Mon, Ian MacKaye came to a show!

DC World Premiere screenings of Date Number One are over, looking forward to Seattle next weekend: Fri 5/19 - Sat 5/21@ Northwest Film Forum, 6 shows.

Blogger/film reviewer & media professor Chuck Tryon was at the show, said he enjoyed the movie, & said he will write a review soon. Looking forward to it. Thanks for coming Chuck.

Ian MacKaye, one of my favorite musicians (The Evens, Fugazi, Minor Threat, Dischord Records) came to the 7 PM show. I think he enjoyed the movie (I was doing post-show Q & A when he left, did not get to talk to him at length). Thanks for coming Ian.

Got to hang out w/ a lot of the lead actors from the movie, had not seen some of them in months, it was an awesomely good experience, looks like they enjoyed the movie.

I was in a rush, did not take my still camera (took a couple of cell phone pics though), but I may still have some pics from the shows - from friend's cameras. Will post 'em up when I get 'em.

About 80- 100 people total came to the shows tonight (1st show about 50 - 70 people, 2nd show about 30 people, did not keep an exact count, will do for Seattle).

And here are some of the other highlights & lessons learned from tonight's event:

1. The film is funny, people were laughing pretty much (80% of the time let's say) where I expected them to laugh.
2. The film plays well even w/out music (did not have time to finish the music work before the screenings, also the sound in general was only about 60% fine cut, still needs a fair amount of work) and w/an OK image (the projected image was close to DVD quality, not MiniDV tape quality - which is the best way to show this movie - will be projecting from a MiniDV tape in Seattle).
3. Must, must, must have the fine cut of the movie in hand at least 3 days before a screening gig. Will follow that rule for Seattle.

Other Notes:
- some money was raised for We Are Family, more $s will be coming their way this month due to the screening event
- feels awesome when strangers, dozens of them, show up to see your movie, people you would never meet otherwise, & pay to watch your movie
- show # 1 (7 PM) started late & since I did not have music in the movie & the sound was rough, I decided to make that a free show (people at that show donated $s to We Are Family), but then, after seeing the movie play well to the 7 PM audience, charged the 9 PM audience a reduced rate of $5 per person (due to rough cut status of film, next time, in Seattle & when I return to a DC screen- regular price since I will definitely have a fine cut of the film by then/in a day or so), made some money (less than what was spent for the screenings, but the event was a success in other areas and I believe that future DC screenings will go very well ticket sales wise)
- the City Paper ad was a good investment
- must do tons more publicity & must get reviews in the local papers (meaning, get screener DVDs to reviewers in time!)

Special thanks to everyone who made the screenings happen today, & for everyone who came (!audiences rock!), and specially for Mark Andersen for coming by & talking about We Are Family.

Off to prep for the Seattle trip, will post a link to Chuck's review when I see it. Also, early next week, Hollywood Is Talking's review link should be available.

Very happy w/ the audience reaction to the movie. Several areas of the Wild Diner Films distribution machine needs fine tunining, I am sure that will happen as I get a dozen or so screenings done. All in all, awesomely happy right now, the film is done & it makes people laugh.

- Sujewa


Jacky Treehorn said…
Congrats on making it happen, Sujewa! It's only gonna get better and better.

The Sujewa said…
Thanks JB. Looking forward to your review of the flick (only obstacle to that being me not having mailed you a DVD screener yet :), will get your DVD in the mail Mon AM! Chuck Tryon's review of the flick is now up on his blog:

talk 2 ya soon

- sujewa

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