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Thanks Chutry Experiment

Chuck T. at the Chutry Experiment blog most recently mentioned the upcoming Date Number One premiere in DC here.

Thanks Churty Experiment!

If you mention Date Number One & any of its related missions (screenings, DVD, benefits) in your blog, let me know directly (the all seeing web eye of the sujewa is busy these days w/ the rough cut-fine cut of the film & screening producin' details, don't have as much time to comb the web), send me an e-mail: wilddiner at I'll do some mutual appreciation by mentioning & linking to your mention of my movie here.

Hollywood Is Talking should have the first web review of the film (done from the rough cut) tomorrow Fri 5/12 or Sat 5/13 (or as soon as JB can get to it, I think it'll be this weekend).

Lookin' forward to the premiere on Sat night. I need to get a hair cut & lace up my nice shoes. Need to get a leash for my pet comodo dragon, taking it to the show.

See ya at the show Chuck!

- Sujewa


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