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Date Number One, Seattle, 2006 flashback: Update from Seattle (it's awesome over here!)

Originally published 5/19/06

Flew in to Seattle yesterday morning w/ production manager/asstnt. producer extraordinaire Firtz Flad (also actor, he stars in Story # 4 in Date Number One - in the Air Quotes Woman segment), found Northwest Film Forum & my firend Keith's house, got lost for a while (of course, brand new city) but had a productive day. On the fun side this city & area is be-a-u-tiful. The Capital Hill area has a high quotent of indie & other potentially arts interested types walking around, lots of hot/cute/interesting looking women also, and the sun was out yesterday. Everyone at NWFF is supernice. The venue itself is awesome, ceilings like 20 feet tall. The two theaters that I am going to play in look good, comfy looking seats, big screens (for an indie venue). Glad I hooked up w/ NWFF.

It's 10 AM on Fri, the day of the first two Seattle shows (7 PM & 9:30 PM at the smaller theater @ NWFF). I am taping my movie out to DV tapes right now, did some audio work on the movie last night. It is going to play w/ out music (only music that appears in scenes - there are a couple of instances of that in Story 2) as it did in DC. I like the mood created by there being no score music to soften or heighten the feeling created by the images & the spoken words. But it is entirely possible that I will add some music to the movie in the near future. Will have to carefully try things out when I get back to DC/MD.

Oh tay, lots to do. I'll probably have more time later, on Sat & Sun, to attend to all my blogs & e-mails. Talk to everyone then. Will have pics & more detailed updates this weekend & early next week. Off to enjoy Seattle & prep for the shows tonight. Date Number One DIY distro mission is on baby!

- Sujewa


rkn said…
hi sujewa, i've only been reading your blog for the past few months so i missed DNO when it showed at NWFF. i was just curious, what channel did you go through to have it shown there? it's one of my favorite theaters in Seattle, and we have a great many, so congrats on that and the great reception it received. i would be interested in a copy when it's available.
The Sujewa said…
Hey rkn,

I just called NWFF up & told them I wanted to rent a theater to screen my movie for a weekend (this was at the point before any reviewers had seen the movie, so I figured it would be difficult to get a booking at that point, so I went with the four-wall/rental option at that point). And they had me talk to the rentals department & that was how it was set up.

Now that the film has gotten some great reviews, I would like to get a booking for an open ended/at least 1 week long run in a Seattle theater, maybe NWFF- who knows. Will be working on that this year. Looking forward to visiting Seattle again.

The DNO DVD will be on sale this month. Hopefully around the 15th. There will be info. on the blog & at my site:

Thanks for the interest.

- Sujewa
rkn said…
that is useful to know, thanks. i have yet to plunge into a full production and am currently trying to collect as much info as i can before starting.

The Sujewa said…
no problem. there is always a lot to keep track of when u r dealing with a feature distributrion project. good luck!

- sujewa

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