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Washington City Paper's "Date Number One" ad art link # 1 (thanks Hollywood Is Talking blog!)

My scanner is having some trouble & I have not figured out how to get an image from a PDF file on to my blog. So, Jerry @ the excellent Hollywood Is Talking blog just posted up the ad art from the Washington City Paper ad for this weekend's Date Number One premiere (I'll post it up here too, as soon as I get the scanner thingy workin').

Here's the link, check it out!

Thanks Hollywood Is Talking blog!

- Sujewa


yo, Sujewa, wrote a little entry about your show in Seattle on the Still Lover blog, but send me some more stuff and i will post it up as well...
Josh Boelter said…
You could take a screenshot of the image in the PDF and paste it into an image editing app. If you're using a PC, just pres alt+print screen on the keyboard for the screenshot, then crop it in the other app. If you're on a Mac, use the Grab app to get the screenshot.



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