Werewolf Ninja Philosopher at Vimeo VOD

Texas Filmmaker Chris Hansen & "American Messiah" in Kensington Thu July 6

Fort Reno 2006 Schedule

IMDB has a bare-bones page up for Date Number One

I saved a Four Eyed Monsters screening @ The Avalon

Four Eyed Monsters tonight at the Avalon in DC

"No More Tears Sister" tonight on PBS

Michael "Cocaine Angel" Tully reviews "Date Number One"

A big THANKS to everyone who came to the show last night!

California in August

New gig: programming Indie Film Nights at Sangha in Takoma Park, MD


10 DIY & Self-Distro Features In 5 Years Project :: DIY filmmaking & Studio filmmaking :: Jacques Thelemaque re-defines the "BIG filmmaking dream"

Nacho Libre: Mexploitation-lite, sometimes very funny, very predictable & uninspired plot, Black does a good job

Facets Blog

"Date Number One" screening # 8: Kensington, MD Sat June 24

Cucalorus in Wilmington, NC sounds like a cool fest

100 Most Valuable Independent Films List

GreenCine article on real indie films

The ghost of Jack Kerouac said..

Interview with Northwest Film Forum co-founder Jamie Hook is now up

Date Number One at Sangha in Takoma Park on July 13, & other exciting real indie film news!

Greg "Robot Stories" Pak's got an indieWIRE blog

Interview with Northwest Film Forum co-founder Jamie Hook

My Date With Drew

Gonna play 9 major US cities this year (w/ out spending a lot of money), & 11 next year

Making new indie film biz friends through Caveh's blog: how I met Northwest Film Forum founder Jamie Hook

Date Number One update - current work, release plan

The Break Up is not that bad

The Maryland New Wave goes to see The Puffy Chair