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A big THANKS to everyone who came to the show last night!

The Date Number One screening last night went very well: full house, show started pretty close to on time, the film was a bit better w/ the little bit of music that I tried out w/ some scenes, good Q & A session, nice hang out/party session afterwards, & good post-post show action @ the Tastee w/ John Stabb, Mika, self, Chuck Tryon & Allie.

It was nice to see some people I haven't seen in a while (Matt Wilmott (sp?), Lisa Helfert, etc.) & it was very cool of award winning internationally known Maryland New Wave filmmaker Mike Tully to show up for my little screening at a bookstore. Thanks Mike & Rob w/ helping out w/ the technical difficulties at the start of the show.

Didn't get a chance to take any photos, but will do at the next show - 7/13 @ Sangha. Chris Hansen's Messiah is going to screen on 7/6 @ Kensington Row Bookshop - the same place I was showing last night. More on Messiah soon.

I am going to spend much of my Wild Diner Films work time this coming week getting the film to the absolutely final cut: fixing the countless tiny sound issues, some image issues & adding bits of music here & there. Should have THE FINAL version of the movie around 7/1. Then everyone - screening venues & reviewers, some fests - I've promised a screener DVD to will get one. The version of the flick that will screen on 7/13 @ Sangha should be the very final, ultimate version of Date Number One. I expect to have retail DVDs around that time also. Only $12 kids, save up your allowance.

Will talk to the cast & crew & specially the musicians very soon & will talk to everyone else right after that w/ all the upcoming Date Number One US screening details & other relevant & yummy stuff. Plans for the California trip in August are taking shape. I am going to hang w/ Jerry "Hollywood Is Talking" Brewington & company in LA. More on the Cali screenings soon.

I have an interview w/ David "GreenCine Daily" Hudson coming up (I am interviewing him re: his blog). Should have it ready to be read this week. Stay tuned.

Mike Tully may have a review of Date Number One relatively soon. Will post the link here when I see it. Mike said he liked the movie. Looking forward to reading his review.

Thanks everyone who came last night for making the screening event an awesome experience!
And a big thanks to Elie & the Kensington Row Bookshop for hosting us.

- Sujewa


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