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The Break Up is not that bad

It's OK, decent(for a Hollywood comedy-drama). All the critics I've read have been saying bad things about it. Both The Break Up & The Puffy Chair (two new flicks that I saw this weekend) deal w/the ending of a romantic relationship, and ultimately I think The Puffy Chair does a better job at the task. The cinematography in The Break Up is definitely better, but overall, for my $9, Puffy is the better film of the two.

- Sujewa


FreeThinker said…
I agree! I watched "The Puffy Chair" recently, enjoyed it much better than that other mainstream movie about "The Break-Up."
The Sujewa said…
Yup, I am down for watching Puffy again at some point in the near future, can't say the same for Break Up. alrhough, that jennifer aniston is very watchable. She's the new parker posey, but w/ more mainstream flicks along w/ indie ones in her resume - liked her a lot in Friends With Money.

nice san fran pics in yer blog mr. freethinker. gotta bring my flick Date Number One to your city.

- Sujewa

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