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Cucalorus in Wilmington, NC sounds like a cool fest

It's a non-competetive fest, which I like. Here's some info. about the fest from their website:

" What keeps Cucalorus going? Over the years the festival has been directed by a small number of passionate and creative individuals. Founded by a small filmmaking collective known as Twinkle Doon, the festival has adhered to its noncompetitive roots. Why noncompetitive? Almost every other film festival in the world dangles prizes before its participants, creating an atmosphere of intense competition; by compare, the laid back atmosphere at Cucalorus offers a breath of fresh air on the hectic film festival circuit. The festival's driving force is to create an open and relaxed atmosphere for both filmmakers and filmgoers. Inspiration is found; friendships are forged. Ask any alumni filmmaker and you'll find that most feel that they've become part of a fierce family of like-minded spirits. "

Submission deadline is July 15. The fest happens Nov 8 - 11. Here's their website.

- Sujewa


Of the twenty or thirty fests that I've visited or attended, Cucalorus is my favorite.

There is such a great vibe and support for film. The festival is great for filmmakers and film fans alike.

The Sujewa said…
Thanks for the info WVFilmmaker. Looking forward to checking out Cucalorus if my flick gets into it.

- Sujewa

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