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Date Number One at Sangha in Takoma Park on July 13, & other exciting real indie film news!

Went to see several bands at a performance venue/store called Sangha in Takoma Park, MD last night. Saw/heard the local Kensington, MD darlings The Parlor Scouts & discovered a new & excellent band called Nice Zombie. Bought the Nice Zombie CD "Zombie Tea Party" (only $5!), good stuff, rocked out to it on the drive home last night. Sangha has a screen so a Date Number One screening has been set up there for July 13 at 8 PM, $5. Will have all the details soon (like later today).

I had to return my computer monitor to its owners on Fri (thanx jim & ellen!) so went shopping for a new one yesterday. Got a used 17" monitor from a place called PC Retro in Beltsville, MD for $30! Sound & music editing on Date Number One coming up this week (doing a bunch of it tonight!!!), & it'll be happening on my new monitor. Should be able to have a final version of the movie this coming week, will mail out screeners to reviewers & theaters & fests, & will order retail DVDs.

Upcoming screening events to promote & publicize:
- Date Number One at Kensington Row Bookshop/Capital City Microcinema on 6/24,
- The Proper Care & Feeding of an American Messiah at Kensington Row Bookshop/Capital City Microcinema on 7/6,
- Date Number One at Sangha in Takoma Park, MD on 7/13.
Will be contacting all local press about those three events this coming week. It's publicity time baby!

Got the interview answers from Northwest Film Forum co-founder Jamie Hook. Very, very interesting & educational & even inspiring at times, recent real US indie film history from the mouth of one who made it happen (at least in Seattle, and soon in NYC). Editing the interview now, should have it up on the web today.

Talks to ya very, very soooon.

- The Sujewa


Chris Hansen said…
Sujewa -- I sent screeners to several papers in the area: the Kensington Gazette, On Tap, Washington City Paper...
The Sujewa said…
Most excellent Mr. Chris H. Talk to ya soon.

- Sujewa

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