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I saved a Four Eyed Monsters screening @ The Avalon

Tonight I was at the Four Eyed Monsters screening in DC & the projector kept breaking down.
Well, it wasn't really the projector but the computer that was feeding the film/the file to the projector. The first time the film stopped (lost image, audio could still be heard) it came back on a couple of minutes later. The second time we waited for about 5 mins & nothing happened. So I went to the projection booth to see what was going on. The projectionist & a young theater employee were dealing w/ an unfamiliar projection system (the flick was being played back from a hard drive) & they had no idea how exactly to fix it. I got on the keyboard after the computer was shut down & restarted, then once the project was loaded back up I figured out how to get the flick back up to the point where we lost the image & all was good. The Avalon hooked me up w/ some popcorn for my services :) Then like 20 mins later, right after we learnd that Susan's character was accepted to the art colony (I think) we lost the image again. I went back up to the projection booth (no one was there) & touched the mouse pad (the computer had fallen asleep - screen power save type thing I think) & after that the image came back on. Then the flick played & ended w/ out any problems. There were 50 -90 or so people at the screening.
Only 2 walked out (as far as I could tell) because of the technical difficulties. People clapped after the screening.

Glad I was there. I am sure someone else would have figured out how to fix the image projection problem if I wasn't there. But I was there & I am glad I tried to fix the problem & succeeded. The Avalon 2 theater I was in is pretty good.

Four Eyed Monsters is a good movie. It's a feature that plays like a short. Very well shot & edited, w/ excellent sound & effects. The acting is good. At times it felt like a romantic drama but w/ out the emotions. At other times it was very funny, & a little sad. The young filmmakers should definitely stick w/ filmmaking. I am sure they will make interesting stuff in the future.
The flick is definitely worth checking out, I think specially for young (early 20's) creative types.

- Sujewa


Jacky Treehorn said…
Goood job saving the day S!

It must be frustrating as hades to the filmmakers and the audience but learning how to quickly fix these glitches will serve you well when you hit the road again.


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