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Making new indie film biz friends through Caveh's blog: how I met Northwest Film Forum founder Jamie Hook

The thing about leaving comments at blogs is that it is a non-real time conversation that may or may not happen fully, and when it does happen, due to only getting typed words, may lead to misunderstandings. So, the opportunities for miscommunication are great during blog comment conversations. This is however a true life story about a blog comment driven conversation that was unexpected & that went really well/had a very positive outcome. Here's how it unfolded:

1. Around 11 AM today, I am up, groggy, having my morning tea, checking out Caveh's (Caveh "I Am A Sex Addict" Zahedi's) blog, some person posting in the comments section is down on regional filmmaking, so I post a pro-regional filmmaking comment as a reaction.

2. 1 PM or so, I get to work, check my e-mail, the author of the "down on regional filmmaking" comment has e-mailed me. Turns out that person - Jamie Hook - is one of the two founders of the awesome Seattle indie/art/foreign film venue Northwest Film Forum!!!

Backstory: I was in Seattle about two weeks ago, played my new flick Date Number One at the Northwest Film Forum (NWFF from this point on), loved the venue & the city, came back to DC w/ visions of starting a similar venue here.

3. I e-mail Jamie back, we have a very brief e-mail conversation, then I get the bright idea to do an interview w/ him re: starting NWFF.

4. I just sent out the interview Qs to Jamie, & I followed up w/ a phone call, nice conversation, a new indie film biz friend has been made, we will hang in NYC soon. Looking forward to getting the interview answers back & publishing them right here on this blog.

And that's my blog adventure of the day. Making new indie film biz friends through Caveh's blog. Very exciting.

UPDATE: about 6 hours later:
I've gotten a couple of very anonymous (difficult to contact authors) e-mails since posting this post stating that Jamie Hook "destroyed" a film organization in Minnesota. I'll see if Jamie wants to shed some light on that episode/accusations.

- Sujewa


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