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My Date With Drew

Saw "My Date With Drew", pretty good flick. The actress who played Drew Barrymore towards the end of the movie did an awesome job I thought :) LA should be a fun place to hang out. Looking forward to visiting that famous movie city & playing Date Number One there at some point this year & hanging out w/JB & the H.I.T. crew & other friends. LA looked fun & kind of normal in MDWD. A lot of the LA peeps may not care about the kind of no-budget, DIY, no star movies that I care about, but they do care about movies in general, so it won't all be massive alienation all the time, we'll have some stuff in common.

- Sujewa


Jacky Treehorn said…
Well said S,

You will find some very cool people here, despite their jaded views that may say more about their station in life than how they really feel about indie flicks.

See ya soon,

badMike said…
L.A. is crammed full of indie distributors, both theatrical and DVD. Plus, when you think "L.A." one normally thinks "Hollywood," but this is a HUGE city and is thus like any other city in America. L.A. is a great place to live and be into indie films. I wasn't so sure a few years ago, but then I moved here and know the reality. Don't believe the hype and don't be put off by the studios. There's A LOT of different kinds of moviemaking going on here.
The Sujewa said…
Thanks for the info. badMike, looking forward to hanging out in LA.

- Sujewa

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