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"No More Tears Sister" tonight on PBS

At 10 PM tonight PBS's documetary series P.O.V. will air a film called "No More Tears Sister", about a slain human rights activist in Sri Lanka. Read all about the film here.

Will write more about this film later today.

- Sujewa


Chuck said…
I missed it b/c of good-bye DC stuff, but would love to know what you thought.
The Sujewa said…
Hey Chuck,

The show did not come on my channels. Maybe they'll re-broadcast it. Or I'll check it out on DVD.

In general, from reading about the project, I am glad that the flick is out there. It will help non-Sri Lankans see the cruelty of both sides & also will probably help them see that GOSL (gov't of SL) is the lesser of the two evils (at least at this point, not sure in '89).

Looking forward to the day where LTTE is no more or is only a political party(under different leadership), not a suicidal/homocidal military outfit that kills all significant critics (specially Tamils) & uses forced recruits/child soldiers & suicide bombers. The word is that they have a significant number of child suicide bombers right now. LTTE's probably done more harm to SL Tamils in the last 20 years than the GOSL & Sinhala extremists have ever done.

The saddest part of all this is that there is no real difference between the Tamils & the Sinhalese. Languages & religions can be learned or forgotten by anyone. I think the colonialization experience fucked w/ a lot of Lankan leaders brains back in the 40's & the later generations are living out that warped, abused mentality by killing & tourturing each other.

The horrible past aside, I think an all out war in Sri Lanka is very near (many in the island believe that it has already started). The LTTE has no chance of winning (they can do much damage, but the rest of the country greatly outnumbers them & have far greater resources) but perhaps the LTTE secretly has a desire to fight to their deaths, so they do not care about winning.

We will see what happens. Even though evil people need to be stopped by whatever means necessary, the whole situation is very, very unspeakably tragic. It's poor, confused, third world people killing each other in one of the most beautiful places on the planet. If the energy & abilities being used by both sides in this back & forth war are channeled to constructive use, SL will once again be a fine place to live & work (as it was, I hear, in the late 40's/early 50's).

I am hoping for the best (a real cease-fire, LTTE disarming) but most likely war, deaths, pain & destruction is what awaits SL. But after that perhaps peace. We shall see.

- Sujewa

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