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SLOW ROMANCE movie (2020) color test video

Werewolf Ninja Philosopher at Vimeo VOD

After NYC, Date Number One returns to Kensington on Thu 10/5

Manhattan, Kansas: on DVD & on tour

A two thousand word review of Andy Warhol's EMPIRE

got a fame whore in the mail today

Head Trauma's road show slide show

Upcoming screenings of Jumping Off Bridges

New website for The Film Panel Notetaker

Long Lasting, Accessible & In-Control

Perhaps the idea of a Medieval Sri Lankan-French merchant colony was not pure fiction after all

it's kind of hard to make a live action romantic comedy without any actors or STONEHENGE: Mass Auditions in DC coming up on Sat 9/30

wild, a New York Times web page for Date Number One

Jon "Scumrock" Moritsugu News

Notes on the IFP's DIY Screening Series presentation of The Guatemalan Handshake

Appreciating the Pioneer Theater

GreenCine interviews Michael Tucker re: false imprisonment in Iraq doc

Date Number One screening # 11: Thu October 5, 7:30 PM, Kensington, MD

The Film Panel Notetakers notes from Sun 9/17 IFP Filmmaker Conference panel event

Watched Shadows and Funny Ha Ha last night

Mutual Appreciation star Justin Rice's Chilean Adventure

Kat Candler meets George Romero: Notes from the Jumping Off Bridges Road Show

Bittersweet editing experience: HUGE changes are being made to Date Number One :: Got $s for the 1st 1000 DVDs

Great Moments in Indie Film Self-Distribution History: 2001 - The Debut by Gene Cajayon article asks "Is there money in self-distribution?"

Netflix's got big plans for indie filmmakers

3 images from the opening 5 mins of Date Number One

Possible alternatives: Fan financed indie film via DVD pre-sales, Distribution through YouTube + blog exposure + DIY screenings + DVD sales ?

YouTube trailers page & Blogger blog coming soon for US DIY Film yahoo group members

New article on GreenCine

DIY distribution friendly indie theaters & contact info list

"cartoon" version of pic from inside Pioneer Theater, NYC, 8/31 - Date Number One premiere

Date Number One '07 Theatrical Plan: 12 US cities, 1 week each, Jan - June

Rick Stevenson joins the '06 Self-Distribution club

BUMS from Canada

3 down, 9997 to go

New Yahoo Group for DIY Filmmakers/Self-Distributors

Independent film gets more independent than ever in 2006 with the arrival of 7 new features in theaters profiles Mutual Appreciation, Date Number One, Head Trauma & self-distribution of those projects

Indie Film Blogger Road Trip