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3 down, 9997 to go

How do you sell 10,000 DVDs of your no-budget, no star but superdelicious feature? Well, if you are a no-budget, DIY process addicted self-distributor like myself, then you do it 1 DVD at a time.

The retail DVDs of Date Number One are not ready yet, but I am working on them. Should have them ready for sale by the end of this month.

And just because the DVD is being sold does not mean that screenings are over. Not in the post-Funny Ha Ha/Mutual Appreciation age where an indie film can do cable or DVD & then still keep playing theaters. More screenings than ever will be happening in '06 & '07 for DNO, while I am selling the DVDs.

Crooked Beat, a local DC record & CD & DVD store ordered 3 DVDs of Date Number One today. When those sell, they'll ask for more.

My first major sales goal for DNO DVDs is 10,000 units. A goal that is to be accomplished when possible. Hopefully w/in 2 years.

So 3 DVDs placed with a retailer, and just only 9997 to go :) :) :)

Retail stores (brick & mortar or web) interested in selling the Date Number One DVD can e-mail me at wilddiner AT

Back to my music, it's 1992 or 1994 on my CD player, Fugazi's In On The Kill Taker is on, bought a brand new copy today at Crooked Beat, DIY music for a DIY filmmaker. There's a song about John Cassavetes in that album.

Oh, while I was at Crooked Beat I ran into & chatted with Basla from the Dischord band Beauty Pill, it was a most excellent moment.

- Sujewa


Jacky Treehorn said…
Wowza S. I bought Beauty Pill's first release when it came out. What have they been up to?
As always your nose is to the grindstone and also as always, it inspires.

The Sujewa said…
Hey JB,

Basla said Beauty Pill is working on a new album. They are back together after (i think) a year & a half break. I heard they played a show a few nights ago. They must have a website w/ all the latest info. Will post it here if I find it.

- Sujewa

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