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Appreciating the Pioneer Theater

The post here will tell you all about a Village Voice article not doing its proper research and calling the Pioneer Theater in NYC a sloppy operation. And the post goes on to praise the Pioneer & programmer Ray Privett for working well with filmmakers & honoring agreements in a timely manner, contrary to the picture painted by the Voice article. The East Village art house theater may have had significant problems in its operation in the past, but the Pioneer I encountered this year was a well oiled machine, easy to work with and very responsive. If all indie film theaters functioned like the Pioneer, the lives of a lot of real indie filmmakers & indie film fans may improve significantly. The Voice should be celebrating the Pioneer instead of publishing sloppy articles that unfairly criticize a valuable member of the US indie film scene. While many so-called indie film theaters in the nation are in reality outlets for indiewood product channeled through the Hollywood pipeline and are generally shut off to indie filmmakers without Hollywood/indiewood backing, the Pioneer is open to real indie filmmakers with good movies, and is glad to work with such filmmakers. Go here to read some positive statements about the Pioneer, made by people who have actually dealt with the theater in recent times.

Thanks GreenCine Daily for the link.

- Sujewa


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