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Date Number One '07 Theatrical Plan: 12 US cities, 1 week each, Jan - June

The first part of the year, actually pretty deep into late summer/early fall, there aren't too many great Hollywood movies out, & the indiewood movies that are out are targeted mostly to an older demographic than my peers, so, next year, my plan is to show Date Number One for 1 week each in 12 US cities, one after the other (well, w/ a 1 week break in between the start of each engagement), w/in the first 6 months of the year: January to end of June 2007.

Hopefully those theatrical engagements will not have to be four-walled runs, but rather Head Trauma '06 esque collaborations between myself & the theaters. Additional expenses: any paid marketing, travel, etc. can be covered by one of my investors & any savings from '06 & maybe '07 dayjob work, provided those expenses are relatively low. Plus $s from DVD sales this year may assist w/ '07 theatrical related expenses. And I am going to try to get paid speaking engagements/work shops, Lance Weiler '06 style, to make additional cash while I am on the road in '07. And merch, must make & sell merchandise - well, merch #1 - the DVD, is being prepared now.

At the end of this month I will have the very final version of the movie ready, along with the DVD, version 1, ready for sale. And throughout this month & next I will be mailing out screeners to theaters, bloggers, festivals, & film reviewers who work in various media to set up screenings & press opportunities for rest of this year & next.

One-off & weekend screenings & DVD sales for the rest of '06 for Date Number One. Week long theatrical engagements, one-off & weekend screenings, possible festival screenings & DVD sales in '07. That should be the rest of the immediate distribution story for Date Number One.

An indie film cable channel broadcast of the flick at some point next year would be awesome, must look into getting that going.

Not sure how VOD fits into these distribution plans. At some point along the line VOD should kick in. Need to see what (& exactly when) Apple does with their iTune movie download thingy also.

Then, at some point in summer '07, I expect to begin shooting my next feature. Working very casually on the script for that next film right now.

Much planning & preparation for '07 DNO theatrical & other distro ahead. Will write all about it here as things happen.

Theaters, DVD retailers, film festivals, media, volunteers, indie cable TV channels, VOD companies, theatrical audience members & DVD customers interested in joining the Date Number One '06 - '07 distribution party can e-mail me for further discussion at: wilddiner AT Thanks!

- Sujewa


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