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GreenCine interviews Michael Tucker re: false imprisonment in Iraq doc

Think there is something horribly wrong with tens of thousands of humans being held in prison by the US without trials? Then find out more about exactly how fucked up the situation is at this GreenCine interview with filmmaker Michael Tucker. Here is the introduction to the interview:

" If you're at a loss for what to make of the official US rhetoric on our momentum toward victory in Iraq, see the documentaries of Michael Tucker and Petra Epperlein. They made Gunner Palace, one of the best docs on the war in Iraq from the point of view of US soldiers two years ago, and they returned to this month's Toronto International Film Festival with their new doc, The Prisoner, or: How I Tried to Kill Tony Blair, the war seen from the point of view of an Iraqi captured by the same American troops."

The prisoner that the title of the film refers to is an Iraqi journalist who was imprisoned & ill-treated for months while his jailers - soldiers & other US authorities - kept insisting that the journalist was planning to assasinate Tony Blair, even though no proof of such a plot was ever found.

Read the entire article here.

Evil behavior often results in evil retaliations. False imprisonment of thousands of people will make for us in the US many more determined & bitter enemies. Yeah, not a good thing for our war on terrorism.

- Sujewa


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