Thursday, September 21, 2006

it's kind of hard to make a live action romantic comedy without any actors or STONEHENGE: Mass Auditions in DC coming up on Sat 9/30

Yeah, it's pretty difficult to make my low budget superdelicious comedy/romantic comedy movies w/ out actors. Luckily for me, DC's got a thing called Stonehenge - mass auditions for indie films. The next Stonehenge is happening on Sat 9/30. Here is the intro to the event from their web site:

"Stonehenge Basics:

What? Stonehenge is a one-day event held twice a year in Washington DC. If you're an actor, think of it as a mass audition like the League auditions. You'll be able to perform a monologue in front of 20 or more production companies looking to produce films in the next six months. If you're a filmmaker, think of Stonehenge as a mass casting tool, showing you over 100 actors whom you might call back to read for a specific part. If you're a National Film Challenge team looking for actors, this is a great way to find them.

The goal of Stonehenge is to be simple, effective, and inexpensive (free for actors, a small fee for companies). Past Stonehenge information can be found in our archives."

Explore further here.

- Sujewa

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Josh Boelter said...

That's a pretty cool idea. Of course, it doesn't do me much good since I live in Michigan, but I like the idea and am glad D.C. filmmakers can take advantage of Stonehenge.



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