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Jon "Scumrock" Moritsugu News

For the new kids who do not know who Jon Moritsugu is, here is the 1st paragraph of what the 2002 New York Underground Film Festival said about him & his feature (shot on Hi-8!!!) Scumrock:

" Oh guys --listen up. Do not, we repeat, do not screw yourselves and miss out on this, because everyone who has half a brain and even a milligram of taste knows that Jon Moritsugu is a LIVING FUCKING UNDERGROUND MOVIE GOD and you should be so lucky to be able to prostate [sic] yourselves before his latest work of low-fi genius. An anti-digital video shot entirely on old analog hi8 gear and edited on linear VHS, Scumrock will bathe you in an unbelievably beautiful electronic fuzz both audial and visual but the feel is not New Wave 1982, it's New Wave 1962. With a laid-back pace and poker-faced seriousness Scumrock wraps delicious nuggets of bittersweet realness inside multiple layers of tart poseur irony and spicy postpunk attitude."

Read the rest of the NYUFF intro to Moritsugu/Scumrock here.

Scumrock features Kip Malone from the fast rising & much loved in certain circles Brooklyn band TV On The Radio in a lead role.

Here's the latest Moritsugu news:

1. FAME WHORE (1997) will be out on DVD in September. It will be available on Jon's website.

2. SCUMROCK was broadcast on Free Speech TV, a progressive satellite cable network that is available in 33 states. SCUMROCK was aired as a part of the Monkeywrench movie series on September 17 at 1 AM & 4 AM. Here's a link to the Free Speech TV schedule for that day:

And here's a link to their state affiliates/channels:

That's the latest from Mr. Moritsugu. Looking forward to his next movie.

- Sujewa


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